Craving a cushion?

This chilly weather makes everyone take the opportunity to spend time indoors and comfort themselves in a warm lounge, dining room or bedroom. The experience will feel even better if your home decor is well-designed and pleasing on the eye.

I draw most of my textile print designs by hand. This ensures that each fabric looks dynamic and is totally exclusive to my Paisley Power range.

unique designs are the strength of Paisley Power

Here is another photo of this paisley cushion. The pattern is like a scattered scarf print but each section was carefully placed to give the finished look a balanced feeling.

the pattern is carefully constructed by designer Patrick Moriarty to give a balanced look.

Each Paisley Power product is hand-made with love and care by my friend Zoe who is an expert sewing tutor. Each item always has a woven Paisley Power hemtag carefully sewn into the seam.

a woven fabric hem-tag with the words “” ensure that each product is genuine.

I hope you will find a cushion, scarf, bag, hat or fabric to suit your taste. I am always happy to undertake private commissions if you have a particular theme or style you would like as a fabric or wallpaper in your home.

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Paisley Patterns are a major fashion trend for 2018

If you are interested in fashion forecasts and future trends, then one of the big trends for 2018 has been announced. It’s the paisley pattern! One of the leading trend forecast companies, Patternbank, has predicted that paisley prints will be highly desirable later this year. If you are planning your wardrobe and want to make sure you are ‘en vogue’ then you should make sure you have some paisley garments in stock.

Here is their moodboard to give you a feeling of the paisley patterns that are likely to be important this year.

Paisley Pattern 2018 trend-board by fashion print forecaster Patternbank

Patternbank have a team of design experts who analyse the latest Pre-Fall 2018 fashion collections and predict exciting themes that feature in a many of these collections. They are primarily focusing on printed fabric themes.

I established my website and brand Paisley Power in 2014 due to the popularity of the paisley pattern in that year. I have continued to create unique designs with paisley patterns for my clients and my brand continually since 2014. There’s always seems to be a demand somewhere in the world for this fascinating pattern that people want to wear or to decorate their home.

Here is one of my paisley patterns which was bought by a major European retailer.

dress with paisley print by Patrick Moriarty

I draw my paisley patterns by hand and complete the design using Photoshop. Here is another of my paisley designs:

Paisley print designed by Patrick Moriarty that he drew by hand

One of the best fashion companies in US is Anthropologie. They bought this print design that I created:

Dress by Anthropologie with print design by Patrick Moriarty


I have made hundreds of unique paisley designs over the last few years and it is always exciting to see them in fashion stores, being worn by models and being worn in the high street.

hand-drawn paisley design by Patrick Moriarty

It’s great to be contacted by major retailers all over the world and asked to make exclusive paisley prints for their collections. I think I will be very busy in 2018 creating new designs for beautiful printed fashions.

If you like paisleys, take a look at my website

I have a special Fashion Page dedicated to the print designs that have been bought by major retailers and manufactured as garments in their fashion collections

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Unique Paisley Patterns for Fashion

I really enjoy drawing new paisley patterns. I’m working on some new ones today. Fashion retailers all over the world will be looking for new designs for their forthcoming collections. I hope they choose some of mine. Here is a photo of one of my paisley designs, which I designed for a client in Central Asia. I drew it completely by hand and then finished the repeat using Photoshop software.

finished headscarf with symmetrical paisley pattern by Patrick Moriarty

Here are some more photos of the finished scarf.

swirling overlapping paisley shapes form an eye-catching print design

Here is another photo which shows the swirling intricate paisley shapes. The client was very happy with the designs and continued to commission more designs. I made 18 different designs in total. Each design was printed in several different colour combinations.

unique paisley pattern by Patrick Moriarty

If you would like to see more of my fashion print designs that have been bought by retailers to produce garments, please take a look at the Fashion Page of my Paisley Power website (see pic below).

all of these fashion prints were designed by Patrick Moriarty

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It’s curtains for Leigh-on-Sea, Essex

If you have curtains in your home, you will spend a lot of time looking at them. Don’t drift into a sea of beige, choose a pattern that will excite you on a regular basis. If you can’t think of a patterned fabric to choose, why not try some paisley? I keep thinking that the paisley pattern has come to the end of it’s 21st century revival but no! it’s as popular as ever. Most of the biggest fashion houses in the world have included paisley patterns in their Autumn/Winter (Fall/Winter) 2018 collections and Spring/Summer 2019 collections. Ride the wave!

A new customer in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex decided that she and her partner wanted an eye-catching fabric for curtains for the large bay window in the lounge of their Victorian house. Leigh-on-Sea was voted the happiest place to live in UK in 2017 (according to several national newspaper surveys).

It’s a very relaxing town to visit. Thousands of ‘day trippers’ come to Leigh-on-Sea every week in the summer especially, mainly from London and towns in Essex. Here is a photo I took on New Years Day 2017.

Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, UK – the Thames Estuary.

Here is another view from the old town section of Leigh. It’s called Old Leigh. The sun was setting so the reflection of the sunlight on the calm sea was perfect for a photo.

View of the Thames Estuary from Old Leigh, Essex, UK

Today my new customer ordered 19 yards of my paisley rat fabric to make the curtains for their home. This pattern is my most popular design worldwide. People buy fabric, cushions, scarves and bags with the unique rat pattern which I originally drew by hand. My Paisley Power fabric collection is available at There are a variety of themes including paisley, tropical and animal prints.

Popular paisley rat fabric designed by Patrick Moriarty

If you have any questions about making curtains for your home, feel free to ask me. Also, if you would like a unique fabric designed exclusively for you, I can arrange that too.

thanks very much!

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2018 – The Year Of The Hat

It’s always exciting to receive a request from a new customer especially when it will be the first time a new print design has been used. He has asked for a bucket hat to be made with my “Palm leaves and exotic flowers” fabric (green/blue version) with a blue inner brim. I sent several blue shades for the brim and we have now decided on light blue/grey cotton which I will source tomorrow.

fabric swatch of new palm leaf and exotic flowers design

Here are some of the suggested fabrics I photographed and then emailed to him so he could make his choice of fabric for the inside brim. Here is a sky blue cotton:

hat fabric with sky blue cotton for the inside brim

How about denim?

hat fabric with light denim as the suggested brim fabric

I am pleased that new customers are starting to think about the summer already and planning their summer wardrobes and holiday essentials.

Paisley Power ‘rat hat’ and celebrities wearing stylish bucket hats

Here is one of my popular hats from 2017. It has the paisley rats on the outside and dark grey denim on the inside of the brim. My model in the photo is wearing it in San Francisco, US.

model in San Francisco wearing Paisley Power bucket hat with paisley rat print fabric

At London Fashion Week recently a designer was asked for her fashion advice for 2018 and she replied “you’ve absolutely got to have a hat”.

Take a look at the hat section of my Paisley Power Etsy Shop.
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New Exclusive Tropical Fabric

I’m very pleased that people are appreciating my new tropical design collection. I drew the palm leaves by hand and then finished the pattern using Adobe Photoshop. I asked a friend, who is a textile design graduate from Brighton university to make several versions with different colour combinations. I think she did an excellent job. All of these versions are available from my online fabric shop called Paisley Power at They are an excellent printing company and allow designers to upload their designs to their website so that people all over the world can view and then buy my designs.

tropical textile design by Patrick Moriarty
black and white tropical textile design by Patrick Moriarty
tropical textile design by Patrick Moriarty in shades of green
pink and white tropical textile design by Patrick Moriarty for his Paisley Power fabric collection

I hope you like these versions. If you are planning to make some beachwear for the summer or holiday somewhere nice and hot, order the fabric now. More than 20 different base fabrics are available including sturdy woven cottons for furnishing fabrics such as curtains, upholstery and cushions. You could make some bold vibrant seat covers for the patio with this new unique exclusive design. Bring some tropical atmosphere to your house and garden without the expense of an airplane ticket!

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Curtain Call

I’m very pleased that 20 square metres (24 square yards)  of my paisley rat fabric has been chosen for a set of curtains for a house in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, UK.

paisley rat fabric designed by Patrick Moriarty

I drew the design by hand and then finalised the pattern using Adobe Photoshop software. The finished design is a seamless repeat so that yards or metres of fabric can be printed on a large roll.

My customer’s curtains will be hung in a large bay window so it is important that they match perfectly. A curtain-maker will ensure that the pattern on the fabric pieces match before they are sewn. A blackout lining will be attached.

rat fabric with an apple to show scale.

My paisley rat pattern fabric has been used to make lots of different products including clasp bags, aprons, cushions, pillowcases, zip bags and waistcoats for toy animals. I make clasp bags using satin fabric printed with the paisley rat design as you can see in the photo.

Popular claps bag made from the paisley rat fabric

Whatever customers or clients decide to make with my rat design, I am always excited to see the outcome as much as they are.

If you would like to order some fabric, please take a look at my online fabric store:

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Delivering a Print and Exploring Mayfair

It’s always a thrill to visit London at any time of year and walk around exploring different parts of the city. I can’t remember the last time I visited Berkeley Square, Mayfair but it was several years ago. The reason that I had to visit Mayfair was because a new customer had bought one of my prints.

elephant art print by Patrick Moriarty

I delivered the print to the address and then walked through Berkeley Square in the winter sunshine. A few people were sitting on the park benches.

Berkeley Square, Mayfair, London

I knew there were lots of important fashion shops nearby so I walked down a side street and saw the Temperley shop and the Stella McCartney shop. It’s important for me as a fashion print designer to keep up with the latest fashion trends. It’s inspirational to see what other designers are creating. Maybe they have used a great colour combination or maybe they have been influenced by traditional fabrics or imagery from another country.

Temperley window display, London
dresses by Stella McCartney inspired by traditional African prints

When I had walked to the end of the road I was in Old Bond Street, a famous fashion street in London. There were lots of shops by some of the most influential fashion houses in the world. I enjoyed seeing the window displays. In some of the gaps between the shops were arcades of smaller boutiques.

shopping arcade, Mayfair

My favourite window display was by the fashion brand Moncler. It is a French-Italian luxury sportswear brand. I’m sure a few people attending the 2018 Winter Olympics at
Pyeongchang, South Korea are wearing Moncler garments. The window display in their shop in Old Bond street Mayfair had a sea-life theme with illuminated jellyfish and a person wearing a stylish jacket and black flippers.

Moncler jellyfish window display

Max Mara had a very refined display.

Dior had a paisley pattern dress. Paisley patterns are my favourite.

Organic paisley pattern dress by Dior

Then I noticed a very eye-catching bag with a graphic design of a dog on it. The bag looked great positioned on a red tartan seat.

Gucci bag with graphic dog image.

I must go to London more often. It’s only 1 hour by train from my home. There is so much to see but never enough time.
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Love Rat

It’s Valentines Day today, so don’t be a Love Rat, love a rat instead! All the cushions in my online shop have 10% off today. Use the discount code “HEART” at the checkout.
The cushions come in a variety of colours. Pictured here is the pink version with white rats. All cushions are very carefully sewn by my friend who is a sewing teacher. I originally drew the design by hand.

Pink ad white paisley rat cushion

The most popular Versions are contrasting black-and-white designs. Customers often buy them as a pair. A new customer from Slovenia ordered a pair and he was very pleased with them when they arrived. He left two excellent reviews, which stated “I ordered this pillow and another one like it, but with the colours inverted. The quality of materials is great and they arrived within a week. The shop owner is also very accommodating to personal requests!”You can read more reviews on the reviews page of my Etsy shop.

There is a light brown (parchment) version. Here is a pic of me holding it in front of some lovely green foliage in a garden.

parchment colour paisley rat cushion

The latest version of the rat cushion is red and black.

I hope you will see a colour combination of cushion on this page that suits your home decor. Take a look at the ‘cushion‘ section of my online shop. Everyone home should have a rat! (but not a Love Rat!) Happy Valentines Day to you all!
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