My Tropical Design

I enjoy creating new designs and having the opportunity to upload them so that anyone in the world can buy them as fabrics. Tropical designs are fun to make because the leaves and flowers of exotic plants are different shapes from the plants that grow in our gardens in UK. There’s always a botanical garden inmost capital cities, including Kew Gardens in London to visit if a designer wants to photograph tropical plants without the expense of flying to a tropical country. Her is my new tropical design that I hand-painted.

hand-painted flowers in this tropical floral design by Patrick Moriarty

Here is a pic to show you how the design looks if you want the design printed on a “fat quarter” of fabric. The measurements in the pic are inches so this is how your fat quarter would look (21 inches by 18 inches). This is a different colour version of the design. This version has pink in the flowers and turquoise in the leaves.

A Fat Quarter of tropical flower design on cream background by Patrick Moriarty

There are two other colour versions of the design. You can seem them in the collection called “Tropical Beach Swim” in my online fabric store. You can order the designs on a choice of more than 20 different fabrics. The company who print the fabric are called and you are welcome to order other designer’s work too.
You can make your own garments and home-ware. Something for the beach or summer garden would be perfect!
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11 sales at once!

Yesterday 2 very good friends from Southend-on-Sea visited me. They had decided to buy locally-made affordable Christmas presents for their friends this year. They looked through all of my handmade tote bags and chose 11! I think it’s my biggest sale from a customer. The bags all have unique pockets that I screen-printed myself in a local arts centre. The pockets have my designs on them. There are a variety of animals and colours. The prints incorporate the shapes of cats, elephants, rats and butterflies.

popular affordable tote bags designed by Paisley Power

They are very affordable at £5 each. It’s hard to find presents that are good quality at a low price so this is why they are popular. Also customers like to give presents that are unique. All of my designs are drawn by hand which makes them exclusive. My friends were very keen to give their friends reusable bags which they can use for their shopping, to encourage them to be more environmentally friendly. Using fewer plastic bags is better for the planet!

Here is the butterfly bag:

floral butterfly printed pocket on pink tote bag

If you are always looking for unique products for your friends who have cats as pets, then these fabulous bags with cat print pockets are probably ideal. Here is a pic of one of the cat bags:

paisley cat design print in pink and black on a white tote bag

Whatever your taste in design, you’re sure to find something stylish in the Paisley Power collection!
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Cats for Christmas

Two years ago my rat print was the most popular design at Christmas. Last year my elephant print was the biggest seller. This year my cat print is heading for the top spot! Today a new customer in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex, UK bought a black and white cat cushion. Last week, customers in Georgia (US), Glasgow (Scotland) and Derbyshire (UK) bought cat cushions and cat tote bags.
Here is the new edition cat cushion which has a new black cotton back.

Paisley Power cat cushion for humans (and cats!)


black and white design to suit modern home decor

The cushions are very carefully made in Essex. My friend Zoe is an expert sewing tutor. She sews nearly all of my products, so you can be sure of buying a well-made, durable cushion.

The new customer in Georgia, US bought 4 cushions. She bought two of the black and white version pictured above and she bought two of my hand-printed red, pink and white versions (pic below).

hand-printed cushion for all rooms in the house.

If you know someone who has a cat, a Paisley Power cat-pattern cushion could be the perfect present.
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Bags for Everyone!

“They’re are so cheap, they’re virtually free!” I’m very happy to provide an affordable range of tote bags to suit everyone’s budget. It’s the time of year when low-cost items are very useful for small Christmas gifts. Even thought they are very cheap, only £5 each, they are very stylish and are proving to be very popular. Today a loyal customer messaged me on the Paisley Power Facebook page to say she would like to order 10. She had a few specific requirements for some of the bags, so she will visit Paisley Power HQ next week so that we can discuss the patterns she would like as the pockets for some of her friends. There’s a multitude of choices,  such as which type of printed pocket will suit which colour bag. It will be very enjoyable helping her make the decisions. Here is a pic of a few of my tote bags in my Etsy store.

The Paisley Power tote bag collection on

Here are some more pics of the tote bags that have already been bought by new customers.

Paisley Power tote bag with cat pattern pocket

Here is another tote bag with a rat pocket that was bought last week by an enthusiastic customer who is looking forward to giving it to a relative at Christmas as a gift.

bright pink tote bag with paisley rat printed pocket

Here is a bag, with a cat-pattern pocket that was ordered by a new customer in Derbyshire:

cat patterned pocket on a black cotton tote bag

If you need a few small items for Christmas presents, these tote bags from Paisley Power could be the perfect gift!

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Bandanas are Reinvented for Fashion

I was very happy to receive a shipment of 50 bandanas yesterday with my unique hand-drawn designs. 4 of them are heading off to Qatar to a new customer. It’s good to have new customers in the Middle East where the paisley symbol originated, in addition to India where the paisley pattern developed and Scotland where the pattern was popularized. Check my Paisley Power History page and unique graphic timeline.
Here is a video I made of the bandanas laid out so that you can easily see the different designs and colours.

Some of the other bandana designs I made for the client included Independence Day, St.Patrick’s Day, dogs, bikers, Mexican Death Skulls, emoji’s and camouflage.
I normally design surface patterns for womenswear collections of major retailers, so it was an exciting new challenge to create bandana designs.
Interestingly, bandana prints had been popular as a fashion theme for dresses, tops and leggings in 2016, so I had some experience of drawing typical traditional bandana patterns.
I sell a selection of the bandanas, which are listed in the Bandana Section of my online Paisley Power Etsy store. I do not have all the designs in the store yet. If you are interested, you can by online or if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.
I recently sold 4 designs to a new customer in Doha, Qatar. Here is a photo of the ones they chose. I folded them carefully before I posted them today.
blue and red bandanas perfect as Christmas gifts
 Last week a new customer in Oregon bought 2 of my bandanas and posted this excellent pic on his Instagram account.
Customer from Oregon took this excellent photo of his blue Paisley Power bandana
Hope you enjoyed the video!
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Elephants in the home

San Diego, US and Bristol, UK are the latest destinations where homes will soon be accommodating Paisley Power elephant cushions. These stylish cushions look great in the living room, dining room, entryway, bathroom, nursery or patio. The pattern is unique and has elephant silhouettes linked together by an intricate paisley pattern, hand-drawn in a doodle style.

I enjoy drawing my designs by hand and then completing the seamless repeats in Photoshop. The skill of making a repeat pattern is ensuring that the shapes within the design do not form lines. The shapes must be carefully positioned so that nobody can easily see the edges of the repeat area.

Popular paisley elephant cushion

If you are interested in textile design and repeat areas, I am hoping to be making some tutorial videos in 2018, to teach people the basic concepts of textile design.

The cushion in the picture above has a white cotton back but last week I introduced a brand new edition of the cushion which has a black cotton back. This version will be more suitable when placing the cushion on darker upholstery or bedding. It is also perfect for people who like high contrast black and white decor.

The new edition of the elephant cushion has a black cotton back

If you have any questions about this design don’t hesitate to ask. If you would like the design created in different colours to suit your tastes and home decor, it can easily be arranged.

You can also buy this design as fabric by the yard or metre. Take a look at my Paisley Power online fabric store, managed by Customers who buy this fabric, create their own garments, fashion accessories and home-ware items.

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Unique Scarves

There’s one more colour combination to add to my paisley rat scarf collection. A loyal customer who lives near the town of Paisley, Scotland requested a white background scarf. I am currently having the fabric printed and then sewn. Here are the two chiffon scarves, which are available now. One has a red background and the other has a black background. Take your pick!
Let me know if you would be interested in a chiffon scarf made from my paisley cat design or my paisley elephant design.
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rat pattern scarf made by UK designer Patrick Moriarty

Here is the same paisley pattern but with a red background:

paisley print scarf from the popular Paisley Power brand for fashion and home decor items

The paisley rat design is sold to customers in many countries around the world, including Australia, Scotland, Brazil, Singapore, Italy, Canada, US, Denmark, India, France, Qatar, Ireland and South Africa.

Modern Butterflies

Butterfly printed fabrics tend to be very vintage or they tend to be too simplistic and graphic. When I decided to create a unique new butterfly textile design, I decided to make the butterflies as different as possible from other butterfly designs which can be found in stores or online. I wanted to make a “city butterfly” that fitted into modern metropolitan urban life. I decided to incorporate tower blocks and skyscrapers into the design. I often walk around my town, Southend, taking photos of architecture and the lovely sea views. I used some of the photos of buildings; tower blocks to make simple graphic geometric shapes and patterns to use in my design. Whenever I go to London to visit museums and art galleries, especially The Fashion and Textile Museum in Bermondsey, London, I take photos of buildings and skyscrapers including the Shard. The Barbican is also a great place for architecture photos.

Here is an early idea of the design that I created:

preliminary plan idea for the design using butterflies and architecture

Here is the test swatch of my design printed on eco-canvas by the printing company Spoonflower. The fabric is environmentally-friendly as it is made of 45% recycled polyester. With all the scientific evidence of the damage to the environment, especially the sea, by plastic bottles, it is good to know that some of those bottles and other plastic waste can be recycled. If the bottles are not recycled they can end up in the sea, destroying marine life or they are buried in the ground as land-fill which is not good because plastic bottles do not biodegrade.

Urban Butterfly printed fabric by Patrick Moriarty

Here is a pic of my design digitally-printed on fabric and sewn into a cushion (pillow in US). My friend Zoe Marshall-Smith sews the majority of my products. She is a sewing tutor in Southend-on-Sea and a popular fabric store called Kayes, which hosts many different sewing classes in the studio above the shop.

Urban butterfly cushion designed by textile designer Patrick Moriarty


Here is a close-up photo of the cushion so you can see the high-quality of the design and also the printing.

corner of cushion showing high-quality print of the fabric

You can buy this cushion from my Paisley Power Shop at and you can also buy the fabric by the yard or metre from my online fabric store. I’m sure you can think of many exciting garments and home decor items that can be made with this fabric. Good luck!

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What’s Happening?

If you enjoy paisley patterns and other types of textile designs for fashion and furnishing, I invite you to join the Paisley Power Facebook page. Every few days I post pics and info about new projects and collaborations. In the pic you can see a very stylish bag that was hand-made by a New York designer, Lisa DuFour Wilkinson. She makes unique one-off shoulder bags that are very sought after. She has used my textile design of paisley pattern elephants as the main fabric for the construction of the bag.
I am also interested in the history of paisley and sometimes include posts of interest to the whole paisley journey from ancient Bablyon, via India and Scotland to today’s fashion catwalks.

Paisley Power Facebook Page Screenshot

Here are some other images from the Facebook Page, so you can get an idea of the kind of posts that will hopefully appeal to your aesthetic tastes. It’s also great to hear what you think about the ongoing designs and projects happening now and planned for the future. Hopefully the future is paisley!

Join Paisley Power Facebook for the latest paisley pattern news

See you soon!
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