Paisley Power – Designs by Patrick Moriarty

If you like printed fabrics I hope you will enjoy my blog. I create print designs every day for fashion retailers and homeware stores. I also design surface patterns for my own brand Paisley Power. Clients also contact my website when they need a unique exclusive design according to their requirements. I have produced designs for womenswear brands, menswear and sportswear. Stationery designs, logos, bedding and fashion accessories are also areas where I have produced eye-catching dynamic designs which have been top-sellers.

I enjoy sharing my design skills and tips with new designers, students or anyone who enjoys textiles or print design. I am always keen to learn new skills so if you feel like contributing to a discussion or commenting, please do! I will also share photos from my research trips to different countries and to art galleries and museums.

The history of textiles and especially paisley patterns is of great interest to me so you will see lots of posts and images about paisleys on this blog . A popular page on my website is the History of the Paisley Pattern. Take a look!



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