Diary of a Designer – Part 99 – by Patrick Moriarty

Diary of a Designer – Part 99 – Patrick Moriarty provides interesting information and photos about recent activities in his textile design business, which is called Paisley Power. Patrick is based in Southend-on-Sea, UK

Diary of a Designer – Part 98 – by Patrick Moriarty

Designer Patrick Moriarty features several fashion garments made with his unique eye-catching designs. These include a men’s t-shirt and a women’s sleeveless top. A stylish backpack is available, made with Patrick’s “Sew-on Patches USA” design. A small version of his Paisley Rats fabric has been bought by 2 customers.

Diary of a Designer – Part 97 – by Patrick Moriarty

Textile designer Patrick Moriarty has sold several face masks in the last few days, made with his unique printed fabrics. Rebecca Reist in Ontario has now bought 3 different Paisley Power masks. They all had a Prince theme. Prince themed face masks, designed by Patrick have also been sold on affiliated shopping websites that Patrick gives permission to sell his designs as products. His new Paisley Positivity has been getting favorited by people online including a textile designer from Germany.

Diary of a Designer – Part 96 – by Patrick Moriarty

Paisley Positivity is getting noticed more online. People are admiring the different versions of the design. Products are now available printed with the paisley pattern. These include leggings and throw pillows. Patrick’s other designs, such as Paisley Kaleidoscope, Paisley Prince Songbook and Linear Organic have all been featured in this blog post.

Paisley Prince Songbook fashion is popular

Fashion items and accessories printed with the Paisley Prince Songbook fabric have been very popular in the last 24 hours. Dresses, face masks, a hoodie and fabric have all been bought by customers in the UK, the US and Australia. Included in this blog post are some excellent reviews. There is also a photo of beautiful skirt made with the Prince-themed fabric by a dressmaker in Kansas US.

Diary of a Designer – Part 95 – by Patrick Moriarty

Designer Patrick Moriarty gives details of recent sales of his popular fabrics, which include Paisley Tango and Paisley Rats. He also has rcent sales of face masks made with his fabrics. A customer in Washington state US has bought 2 Mexican Skulls face masks.

Diary of a Designer – Part 94 – by Patrick Moriarty

Designer Patrick Moriarty’s has one of his green palm leaves face mask bought by a renowned UK newspaper journalist. The black version of the Mexican Skull Bandana fabric has sold. Paisley Prince Songbook fabric continues to sell well to customers worldwide.

Diary of a Designer – Part 93 – by Patrick Moriarty

Designer Patrick Moriarty continues to sell his unique face masks to customers worldwide. Customers often buy his masks and then return weeks later to buy more because they are very well made, they fit well and they have eye-catching designs. Patrick’s Prince-themed fabric and his Paisley Rats fabric continue to sell very often.

Diary of a Designer – Part 91 – by Patrick Moriarty

Textile Designer Patrick Moriarty posts a great selfie from his customer Tim Baines, who wears a Paisley Rats face mask. There’s a video of the gree Palm leaves face mask, which Tim also bought. Tina Yakima, a customer in Washington state US has now bought two Paisley Prince Songbook coffee mugs. The Mexican Skull Bandana fabric designed by Patrick has been bought.