My life as a textile designer leads me into many different areas of design, fashion, print, furnishing fabric, sewing, making and research.

The main areas of study in my textile design degree course were weave, knit and print. We also spent a lot of time at university learning colour theory from lecturer Garth Lewis who is a colour specialist. I specialised in textile print design in my final year and went on to become and freelance textile print designer for fashion.

My internships with weavers and printers were invaluable in learning new skills and increasing my knowledge of working practices in the fashion and furnishing industries.

This blog will become a diary of textile activities and research. Many cultural events influence my designs so I will include photos and information about these trips. The Fashion and Textile Museum in South London has excellent exhibitions, curator tours and short courses. I am lucky to have such an educational resource only one hour’s train ride away. I also like my trips to the museum because the short walk from the train station takes me across Tower Bridge. The bridge has a great view of the River Thames and the city of London skyline.

I also enjoy traveling abroad. My most recent trip was 2 weeks in San Francisco where I gave a talk about my Paisley Power designs to the Surface Pattern Design Guild, based in Berkeley, California. Other trips have included: India, China, Ghana, Cuba and most Skandinavian countries. I have also been on many European trips, most frequently Italy and France. I have worked for long periods in textile design studios in Copenhagen and Amsterdam.

paisley pattern research in Amsterdam. I found a lady with a paisley hairstyle!

I am based in Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex, UK, which is one hour east of London on the River Thames Estuary.

I am planning to relocate to San Francisco in 2018. Fingers crossed! I hope you will enjoy reading my blog and respond to my posts. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have and I will be interested to read your opinions and experiences on any of the subjects I write about.


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