“Paisley Rat Mosaic” printed fabrics

The “Paisley Rats” fabric (small-scale white and purple version) has been bought by a customer. The fabric is ideal for making small fabric accessories such as bags and facemasks. Customers also make pet accessories with it.

“Paisley Rats” fabric (small-scale white and purple version)

The “Paisley Rats” fabric (small-scale white and purple version) was designed by Patrick Moriarty in Southend-on-Sea in 2019. The design has small purple rat shapes, purple paisley symbols in a mosaic style, and a pure white background.

“Paisley Rats” design, printed on cotton (the small-scale white and purple version)

Marilyn in Canada recently bought a quarter of a yard of the unique “Paisley Rat Mosaic” fabric (the small-scale turquoise, black, and white version). She chose to have the design printed on Organic Cotton Sateen. It’s a great small-scale design for fashion accessories such as bow ties, fabric belts, headbands, and facemasks. You can also make hammocks for pet rats.

“Paisley Rat Mosaic” fabric (the small-scale turquoise, black, and white version)

Published by Paisley Power

I am a textile print designer and create unique designs for fashion, accessories, and home furnishing. I played Keyboards in bands until I was 35, then I retrained as a textile designer. I design fashion prints every day for major international retailers including Zara, Hugo Boss, H&M, and Gap. In 2014 I formed the brand Paisley Power to enable me to promote my designs to a worldwide audience. I enjoy introducing new designs to my collection, then receiving ideas, feedback, and suggestions from my friends and customers. The best part of being a designer is being inspired every day by cultures and environments and interpreting them into my own unique creations. In 2018 I developed a unique method of teaching printed textile design. I began teaching the course at METAL Art School, Southend-on-Sea, Essex, UK in September 2018. It was a big success with lots of students, who had no previous experience in textile design, producing professionally printed fabrics. In 2019 and 2022 I taught my design methods to a group of adults with learning difficulties. I also taught my techniques at a workshop organized by the Guild of Silk Painters, for their members in July 2019. Another strand of my business is providing a Photoshop design service to artists. My clients include Este MacLeod, Jennifer Orkin Lewis (August Wren), and Deborah Velasquez. They send me scans of their paintings and I adapt the artwork into repeating patterns so that they can be used for commercial projects including printed fabrics, wallpapers, puzzles, stationery, and home décor. In January 2019 I launched a new design called Paisley Prince Songbook. I originally created the design by drawing it on paper in 2018. It has been extremely popular as printed fabric with customers all over the world. The Prince-theme scarves, throw pillows, facemasks, bags, totes, and greeting cards have all been selling extremely well. Sales of the printed fabric with the Paisley Prince Songbook design have exceeded 1000 yards. The design has been very popular with Prince fans. The design has unique motifs symbolizing the songs of Prince Rogers Nelson, including purple rain, crying doves, paisley symbols, peace signs, guitars, and tambourines. In 2020 I created the design “Paisley Positivity”, which has been popular with customers as a printed fabric and as made-to-order home décor items, including luxurious bedding. In December 2020, "Paisley Power" and "paisleypower" became registered trademarks with the UK Intellectual Property Office. In 2022, 2 of my most popular designs (Paisley Prince Songbook and Paisley Elephants) will be displayed at the Museum for Islamic Art in Jerusalem, Israel. The designs will be part of a major exhibition about the paisley pattern.

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