Purple Paisley for Prince

Are you a Prince fan? If so, you are in for a treat! 4 new life-size figures of the music legend have been created using wax. Tony Webb is a skilled sculptor who models the wax into realistic models of celebrities and fictional characters for films, theatre and TV productions. His figures are also commissioned for exhibitions and museums.

Here is a photo of his amazing wax figure of the singer Prince.

wax figures of pop music legend Prince created by Tony Webb

Tony Webb Creative Services commissioned Patrick Moriarty of Paisley Power to supply a suitable fabric for the lining of the jackets worn by the Prince figures.

Patrick made a purple version of his “Linear Organic” textile design. Purple is the colour Prince was most associated with, for example he wrote the song “Purple Rain”. He often wore purple clothes and sometimes wore purple paisley suits.

Here is a photo of one of the jackets that is now being worn by each of the Prince figures. You can clearly see the paisley patterned lining fabric.

purple paisley fabric designed by Patrick Moriarty for Prince figures

The purple paisley fabric is available to order from the Paisley Power online fabric store.

Here is a photo of the design printed on satin.

Purple Prince Paisley design printed on satin

You can buy an exclusive purple paisley scarf made with the same design printed on semi-translucent chiffon. Contact: pmoriartydesign@hotmail.co.uk for more info.

purple paisley Prince scarf for women fashion

The design is also available in black and has been made into a luxurious chiffon scarf. The scarves are expertly handmade in Southend-on-Sea, Essex, UK.

Prince Paisley scarf designed by Patrick Moriarty
A paisley printed fabric was needed for the linings of jackets worn by life-size wax figures of the pop legend Prince. Patrick Moriarty made a purple version of one of his popular paisley designs specially for the project.
The Prince paisley scarf is made of translucent chiffon

The chiffon fabric has a translucent quality, which makes the scarf change its appearance depending on the lighting.

Visit the new Paisley Power online shop to check availability of products and choose excellent gifts for loved ones, family and friends.

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Published by Paisley Power

I am a textile print designer and create unique designs for fashion, accessories and home furnishing. I played Keyboards in bands until i was 35, then I retrained as a textile designer. I design fashion prints every day for major international retailers. In 2014 I formed the brand Paisley Power to enable me to promote my designs to a wider worldwide audience. I enjoy introducing new designs to my collection and receiving ideas, feedback and suggestions from my friends and customers. My products have been on display at the Beecroft Art Gallery, Southend-on-Sea since January 2017. Visitors to the gallery buy the products as gifts. The sale of the Paisley Power products contributes to the running costs of the gallery. The best part of being a designer is being inspired every day by all cultures and environments and to interpret them into your own unique creations. In 2018 I developed a unique method of teaching printed textile design. It enables students to create a repeat pattern in less than 3 hours. I began teaching the course at METAL Art School, Southend-on-Sea, Essex, UK in September 2018. It was a big success with lots of students, who had no previous experience of textile design, producing professional printed fabrics. In 2019 I increased the number of classes to cater for extra demand for tuition. In January 2019 for 20 weeks (one morning per week) I teach my design methods to a group of adults with learning difficulties. I also taught my techniques at a workshop organized by the Guild of Silk Painters, for their members in July 2019. In January 2019 I launched a new design called Paisley Prince Songbook. I originally created the design by drawing it on paper in 2018. It has been extremely popular as printed fabric with customers all over the world. The Prince-theme scarves, cushions, bags, totes and greeting cards have all been selling extremely well. Sales have exceeded 1000 items. The design has been very popular among Prince admirers and followers. The design has unique motifs symbolizing the songs of Prince Rogers Nelson, including purple rain, crying doves, paisley symbols, peace signs, guitars and tambourines. In December 2020, "Paisley Power" and "paisleypower" became registered trademarks with the UK Intellectual Property Office.

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