Creative Inspiration

It’s always interesting to see what quickly browse through other designers facebook pages to get some inspiration for new projects. Today a friend of mine who is a textile print designer in LA, Nina May, had posted a fashion film by Raquel Couceiro using images from photographer Nick Knight. Nick Knight is an honorary professor at University of the Arts London, where I studied for my degree in textile design. Nina May has her own design studio Nina May Designs and she posts handy trend info on her facebook page Fashion Trend Friends.

Here is the film she posted today. It is titled Ungewöhnlich Schön– which roughly translates from German to ‘Unconventional Beauty’. Click here!

Raquel Couceiro fashion film

The music was written exclusively for this film by Akira Morgan.

The film includes some inspiring sections using positive and negative photo effects. The use of distorted faces and bodies, similar to a fairground hall of mirrors, is also excellent. The printed fabrics are particularly inspiring to me as a textile print designer. You can see some of my fashion prints on my website’s Fashion Page.

It has inspired me very much to create some new exciting fabrics and to hopefully collaborate with a photographer in my town of Southend-on-Sea, Essex, UK. The photographer is Logan Fox and he creates scenes and images similar to some of Nick Knight’s ideas in the film.

I always enjoy collaborating with other designers, photographers, artists and musicians. Watching someone else creating something is educational and can trigger new thoughts and ideas that are invaluable.









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