Art Class Clothing

If someone asked you what was the perfect garment to wear in an art class, an apron would probably spring to mind. Navy blue or black maybe? a white apron is more suitable for a baker or a fishmonger. A new customer in Manchester wants to make a good impression on her classes when she starts teaching art in September. She has chosen the Paisley Power rat apron which looks very eye-catching and might even inspire her pupils to make a fun animal pattern, like the paisley rat pattern on the apron. She asked especially for an extra large pocket to hold all her paintbrushes. It was no problem customizing the apron to suit her requirements. She also asked for extra length, which I added. In the pic above you can see the large pocket with a few paintbrushes. I think her paintbrushes will be larger, but they will still fit in the pocket easily.


can you see the pocket? the fabric has been expertly matched by my sewing friend

Here are some more pics of the apron so you can see how well it has been sewn by my friend Zoe Marshall-Smith who teaches sewing classes in my home town of Southend-on-Sea, Essex, UK at Kayes Textiles.

carefully sewn strap to tie your apron

The apron is made from eco-canvas, which is very environmentally friendly as it is made from 45% recycled polyster. It’s a very durable fabric that copes with multiple washes. The apron is also available, not only from PaisleyPowerShop but also from, an online shop that has many products and gifts for rat owners. sell several Paisley Power products with the distinctive rat pattern

You don’t have to be a rat owner to enjoy my paisley rat apron. It’s for everyone with a sense of style!


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