In The News!

Publicity for TWENY ONE, the new arts venue in Southend-on-Sea is in the local newspaper, the Echo today. The exhibition is called 100% Southend and shows work from many artists in the town. All artists had to submit work in A4 size format. It was great to see work included not just by artists but by all creative types who wanted to submit a visual piece. Graphics, typographic poems, photography, textile art, painting, sketches and digital art were among the wide range of artistic mediums to view. The newspaper article today, written by Kelly Buckley shows a photograph of the exhibition and also a photograph of writer Zoe Howe and myself looking at the art. Zoe created a photo-montage and I painted a portrait of a friend. Both artworks are on display at the venue as part of the exhibition. The photos were taken by local photographer Niki Cornish.

new arts venue in Southend called TWENTY ONE

Here is a the portrait of my friend Fuad Al Qudsi, that I painted for the exhibition. I used acrylic paints.

Fuad Al Qudsi portrait by Patrick Moriarty

Next time you are in Southend, possibly visiting our famous pier, visit the exhibition near the pier entrance.


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