Designing improves brain power

The Global Council on Brain Health recommends that people should engage in stimulating activities such as learning a musical instrument, designing a quilt or gardening. This is according to a feature in the BBC news today.

The article lists many activities which are beneficial for the brain such as learning a language but it says that puzzles or mind-games don’t provide any benefit. My advice is “find some fabric, your scissors, needle and thread and start quilting!”

Designing Quilt Patterns the obsessive imagist art design life m
beautiful quilt made from patchwork pieces – unknown source

A quilter in San Francisco bought one of my screen-printed pieces of fabric (pictured below) and when I asked her if she would be making a garment, accessory or home-ware item, she informed me that she would be using it to make a quilt.

pink-rat-pattern- screen-printed-fabric-by-Paisley-Power
Paisley Power fabric screen-printed by hand at arts workshop in Southend, Essex, UK

I create designs every day for my agent. I enjoy the technical challenge of enuring that each design has a very carefully arranged seamless repeat. Hopefully the challenge of this activity every day will keep my brain active and healthy. Sometimes a design will take me 2 whole days to complete, from the initial drawing stage through to the final digital design file in separate colour layers. The design may take even longer if I decide to add coordinated complimentary borders. My seamstress uses the cut off pieces from my fabrics to make quilts and patchwork items for her friends and family after she has made my fashion accessories and home-ware items. This helps to ensure that every piece of fabric is used and reduces wastage.

Are you a quilter, a musician or gardener? do you find it stimulating and absorbing? let me know!

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