Different Day = Different country

Everyone has different tastes, but some people around the world have similar tastes. I have found that a pattern that is popular in Canada may also be popular in Singapore. A hand-drawn design that is bought by a new customer in Australia may also be bought by a customer in Russia. One of my butterfly print pillows was recently bought by a customer in New York state, then a few days later was bought by a customer in Japan. I have found no pattern or formula to my overseas sales. The only theory I can conclude is that good taste is universal. If you create an interesting eye-catching design, people will be drawn to it and want to wear it of have it in their home. I am pleased that I now have customers in Ireland, France, Brazil, Italy, India, Denmark, New Zealand, US, Turkey, Russia, Germany, Japan, Canada, Singapore, Australia, Argentina and UK.

My rat design is my most popular design, then my elephant design and then my Butterfly Collector design. My abstract vintage designs including my “Linear Organic” symmetrical design are becoming more popular in recent months. A new client from Canada, MBM Bow Ties ordered several yards of my satin version of the design to make bow ties and pocket squares for a client’s wedding. Amazon US bought 11 yards of my “Hibiscus Paisley” design.

With an online worldwide audience, you will probably find someone who likes each design you create.

Here is a picture of 3 of my designs printed as fabrics: my paisley rats, paisley cats and Butterfly Collector design.

unique printed fabrics by Paisley Power


I hope that if you see a Paisley Power design you like, it will suit your wardrobe or home wherever you live in the world.



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