Rave Review

It’s encouraging when you make your own products and then customers are very enthusiastic when they receive them. Today a customer in Scotland posted some pics of her new Paisley Power red rat cushion/pillow. Karen makes her own lovely ceramics and often uses paisley shapes in her creations. In her Instagram post about my rat cushion she says: “I ❤️ my new cushion handmade by @paisleypowerpat ! A totally unique take on the wonderful paisley pattern. Being a big fan of the paisley pattern and of The Stranglers I love how a rat has been incorporated into this design!”

Note: The Stranglers are a band from the 1970’s who used a rat as their first logo. They called their debut album “Rattus Norvegicus” meaning the common rat. They were my favourite punk rock band as a teenager in the 1970’s. It’s great that Karen is also a fan of the band.

The cushion looks great on her stylish brown leather sofa in-between her two red striped cushions.

If you would like a red rat cushion, they are available from my Paisley Power Shop. You can also buy the fabric from my online fabric store if you would like to make your own decor or garments.




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