Paisley, a city of culture

Congratulations to Paisley, Scotland for being short-listed for the UK City Of Culture 2021. I’m looking forward to some exciting paisley pattern projects related to this in the next few years. BBC News: “This Renfrewshire town, population 76,000, is perhaps most famous for the Paisley print – the intricate, colourful designs that were inspired by Kashmiri patterns in the 18th Century and popularised in the psychedelic 1960s.”

Paisley is great place with an incredible history. I have included some images of Paisley to give you a quick impression of the town. The definition of a city is “a large town”.

Gargoyle on Paisley Abbey

This is one of the gargoyles on the outside of Paisley abbey. There is one particular gargoyle that resembles Alien from the film of the same name.

Advertising Hoarding in Paisley Scotland. Photo by Patrick Moriarty

Even though the town made the paisley pattern popular worldwide in the 18th century, people often associate the 1960’s with the paisley pattern. I took this photo of the advertising hoarding when I visited the town in June 2014. I like the way it connects the stereotypical impression of paisley patterns in a real Paisley setting.

Paisley Watermill

This is a Paisley watermill on the River Cart. It’s actual title was The Domestic Finishing Mill built by Coats in 1886 to produce cotton thread. Production ended in the 1980’s and the listed building has since been restored and converted into apartments and businesses.


weaving loom photographed by Patrick Moriarty

This is a loom for weaving, which is housed at the world-famous Paisley Museum.

This photo is of Paisley Abbey, which dates back to the 7th century.

paisley shawl photographed by Patrick Moriarty

Here is a paisley shawl with a beautiful border design. Although the paisley pattern originates from Kashmire from where the paisley shawl originated, the pattern was popularised in the town of Paisley, Scotland where thousands of weavers produced millions of shawls in the 18th and 19th centuries. You can read more about the history of the paisley symbol, paisley pattern and paisley culture in my extensive article History of Paisley. Also take a look at the Paisley Timeline that I created. It is unique.

I hope you have the chance to visit this fascinating town at some point in your life. You won’t regret it!


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