Exclusive Chiffon Scarf

I was excited to receive the first delivery of paisley rat patterned chiffon today. Lots of people had been asking if I produced scarves with my print designs. Unfortunately until now, I did not have chiffon scarves in my Paisley Power collection. I will probably make some scarves with thin black trims around the edge. This should frame the pattern nicely and make the scarves look more finished as luxurious fashion accessories. The fabric was printed by Spoonflower.com and the quality is excellent so that the chiffon retains a delicate transparency while the pattern looks great on both sides. I will be adding the scarves to my Etsy shop as soon as they are ready. You can order the rat fabric and lots of other designs that I created at my Paisley Power online fabric store on a wide selection of different fabrics including cotton, lycra, satin and many more. Lot of people have already been giving the new scarf a very positive reaction on my facebook page.

Below you can see a video of my new printed chiffon.

I also took photos of the fabric so that you can fully appreciate it’s transparency and print quality.

paisley rat-patterned chiffon in the bright summer sunshine

If you want to look stylish this summer, make sure you order one of these fabulous scarves. They are also perfect as gifts at any time of the year including birthdays and Christmas.


2 thoughts on “Exclusive Chiffon Scarf

  1. This unique paisley chiffon scarf is also now available with a white background colour and a red background colour. A loyal customer in Scotland has bought all 3 versions and published excellent reviews on the Paisley Power Shop page at Etsy.com


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