Do It Yourself! printed fabrics

This week I’ve been taking a look through some screen-printed fabrics from the last 3 years to make some cushions and bags for my online store. When I started screen-printing again after a gap of 15 years, I decided to use fabric remnants from my local fabric store. Every few months they have a remnant sale with lots of smaller pieces of high quality fabric at low prices. They are ideal for screen-printing by hand because they you only need pieces that are smaller than a metre or yard square. Here are some of the fabrics I printed by hand:

screen-printed fabric drying in the print room. A cushion made with the screen-printed fabric

You can create a nice effect by printing white pigment onto darker background fabrics. In the photo above you can see the white pigment printed on grey, orange and tan colour cotton. I had to add a special opaque binder to the pigment which blocks out the original colour of the fabric so a bright white pattern is printed.

The pigments are very concentrated so you only need to add a few drops to the binder to make a pot of ink.

Mixing the inks at The old Waterworks, Southend, Essex, UK

In the next photo you can see a good-sized scrap of cotton printed twice. First I printed the royal blue ink, then I turned the silk-screen 90 degrees and printed the pink ink. This technique of turning the screen was the suggestion of the print technician, Sue, who used to be my print technician at Southend Art College in the 1980’s.

Screen-printed cotton with paisley butterfly design by Patrick Moriarty

Here is a cushion made from my screen-printed fabric. The base fabric is bright yellow and I printed a bright orange pigment on top. I used the same silk-screen as the butterfly fabric in the previous photo.

yellow and orange butterfly cushion with fabric hand-printed by Patrick Moriarty

When my confidence in the print room had improved I was able to print 3-colour designs with the help of a very experienced printing expert.

3-colour printed linen with Paisley Power’s popular cat design

I hope you will have the chance to try screen-printing by hand one day. It’s very rewarding to make your own fabric and then make fashion garments or home decor items with the printed fabrics.

If you have any questions about designing or printing, don’t hesitate to ask.

thank you.

If you would like to see more examples of my designs and prints, please visit my website

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New Arrival!

It’s always a good time for a mental celebration when a new design arrives from the printers. It’s too early in the day for any other kind of celebration! I had received a test sample of my new exotic tropical design but they are very small in size so it’s much more exciting to receive the first printed yard. The first sample was printed on basic cotton but the yard was printed on cotton twill which is sturdier and the colours are more vibrant. Here are some photos of the fabric for you to enjoy. This new exclusive fabric has had a very positive reaction on Instagram and on the Paisley Power Facebook page with lots of complimentary comments.

unique new design by Patrick Moriarty for his popular textile collection called Paisley Power

The reason I ordered a yard of this new textile design was because I have some orders for hats to be made with it. One of the customers is a Canadian who was on holiday in Mexico and found a picture of my design online. It’s great that people all over the world can discover designer’s work and order their product. The customer also found my online product shop called Paisley Power Shop at They saw my hat section and emailed me to ask me to make a hat in a particular style with my new tropical printed fabric. This morning I met my seamstress so she can make the hats. A loyal customer in Leigh-on-Sea, Essex also ordered a hat too.
hand-painted flowers float on a bed of luscious green leaves

Here is a close-up photo I took of the fabric so you can see the excellent quality of the printing. You can also see the diagonal weave of the cotton twill fabric.

the excellent quality of the printing can be seen clearly in this photo

i’m looking forward to seeing the finished hats. I found a lovely light blue cambray cotton to line the hats. Here is a pic of my printed tropical fabric and the lining fabric together:

to make some stylish new hats for Paisley Power customers, Patrick bought some lovely soft light blue Chambray cotton

I have lots of other lovely unique fabrics in my online Spoonflower store. Feel free to take a look and let me know your favourites. I draw or paint all the original artwork for my designs so you know you won’t find the designs anywhere else.

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Creative Weekend?

How did you spend your weekend? relaxing, working, fitness, media or maybe writing blog posts? I hope it was very enjoyable. You won’t be surprised to know that I’ve been creating new paisley patterns. I’ve just put down my paint brush after applying black watercolour paint to a new sketched pattern that I drew on paper.

Designer Patrick Moriarty painting a unique paisley pattern

I must admit, I did put down my pens and paintbrushes for an hour on Saturday to quickly celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day.

I like to create my designs by hand so that they are truly unique. My clients insist on buying new exclusive designs from me, so that their new printed garments will be a complete surprise to their customers when they launch their fashion collections each season. It’s important for me to know the forthcoming fashion trends so that my designs are reflecting the latest themes from the fashion shows in Paris, London, New York and Milan.

I draw my designs by hand so that they are unique and are recognizable as Paisley Power designs.

Here are some examples of my designs that have been bought by major retailers and printed on fabric to make their dresses, tops, leggings, scarves and other fashion accessories.

tunic dress with print design by Patrick Moriarty

Here is a dress made with another of my designs. The model is Stephanie Timmins, the owner of Feisty Fox Diaries website and blog. She has 247,000 followers on Instagram.

Stephanie Timmins of fashion blog Feisty Fox Diaries wearing a printed top with design by Patrick Moriarty

Here is a design that I drew by hand in colour and when the fashion retailer bought the design from my agent, they changed the colours to black and shades of grey.

Hand-painted fire-birds on a Russian theme by Patrick Moriarty

I hope you like my designs and are interested in fashion prints. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

Take a look at my website Fashion Page for more photos of my designs.

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Donation to Community Festival

People often ask me to donate a Paisley Power product to their charity to help raise money. A few days ago I agreed to donate a paisley elephant cushion to a charity called Project 49. They are based in my town, Southend-on-Sea and provide day services for adults with learning disabilities. They are helping to organise a Well-Being and Vegan festival on 25th March 2018 and asked me if I would donate a product for their prize raffle. In the photo below you can see me cutting the fabric to make the cushion. Everything about this cushion is local: I drew the design here, I bought the fabric here at Kayes Textiles, I printed the fabric at The Old Waterworks and the cushion will be sewn by my friend Zoe Marshall-Smith who also lives locally. The latest environmentally-friendly water-based inks were used to print the fabric. I am sure the festival will be very enjoyable and educational. If you are in the Southend area, please come and visit. You might get lucky in the raffle and win the paisley elephant cushion!


Here are all the details about the festival:
It’s being held on 25th March from 10am to 5pm. There are lots of stalls with food, art and educational information. There is also live entertainment with poetry and guest speakers.

Project 49 Southend Community and Well-being festival

Popular Paisley Collection

I’m enjoying adding new designs and colour variations to my exclusive collection of fashion fabrics. Many of the designs can also be used for interior furnishing fabrics too. There’s a big trend this year for paisley patterns so I’m expecting it to be a busy year for me. I specialise in creating paisley patterns. You have probably already seen some of my fabrics online. The most popular is the Paisley Rats design. My Hibiscus Paisley is my second most popular and then my paisley elephants. Here are some pics of all three designs:

fabric with white rats in a paisley pattern
fabric with Hibiscus flowers in a paisley pattern
fabric with white elephants in a paisley pattern

All these fabrics and many variations in scale and colour are all available from my Paisley Power Spoonflower online fabric store.

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Unique Wallpaper with paisley cats

Everyone is looking for paisley patterns. It’s a big trend for 2018. The paisley trend is for fashion but home decor companies usually follow the same trends. Today I received an inquiry from a customer who wants to order wallpaper for his home. He would like my “Paisley Cats” design on his walls. Here is an idea of how it will look.

Black and White version of the unique paisley cat design by Patrick Moriarty

I also have the design is different colour combinations. Here is the turquoise and caramel version:

turquoise and caramel paisley cat design shown as wallpaper in a room

Nobody has ordered wallpaper for this design before so I am excited to see how it will look. Customers have already bought bags and cushions made using printed fabric with my paisley cat design. I also screen-printed my own fabric, which was quite difficult but produced a wonderful result. A new customer in Washington State, US has just bought a cushion made with the hand-printed fabric. I sent the cushion to her last week after my friend had completed the sewing.

Paisley Cats screen-printed linen

I also have a red and pink version of the design. I try to satisfy my customers by making special versions of my designs in the colours of their choice. They are very appreciative of this bespoke service.

Paisley Power cat fabric hand-printed by Patrick Moriarty

Take a look at my Spoonflower online fabric store for lots of other exclusive designs for your wardrobe or your home.
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The first ever Paisley Power golf bag?

Today I received an enquiry about using one of my printed fabrics to make a golf bag. Several different types of bags have been made with my unique fabrics but this is the first time a golf bag has been suggested. Golf equipment is quite expensive so I’m sure a golf bag made with a decorative intricate pattern would be perfect. Here is the design that was suggested. It’s from my Paisley Power range of textile designs. It’s called Ornamental Paisley. The apple in the photo is to give you a sense of scale of the size of the pattern.

test sample of the Ornamental Paisley design

This design is available from my Spoonflower online fabric store. It’s also available in different colours. Here is a bag made with the green version. You can see the green bag twice in the photo-montage below. The women in the photo are my friends from Ancona, Italy. The woman on the left is wearing a t-shirt made with my Hibiscus Paisley fabric.

My Italian friends from Ancona with Paisley Power fabric products

Here is another photo of the bag so you can see the intricate pattern more clearly. I drew the design completely by hand. It took 2 days to draw it and complete the repeat pattern using Adobe Photoshop software. I also used Photoshop to make the different colour versions.

Green and blue Paisley Power tote bag

Here are flip-flops made with the design:

Paisley Power design used for a range of Italian flip-flops

I also make my own cushion with the Ornamental Paisley fabric. Here is a photo of the blue and turquoise version. You can order the fabric in my online fabric store.

Blue and turquoise ornamental paisley print fabric

Here is the coral and blue version, which I also used to make a cushion:

I hope you like the pattern and will be inspired to order some fabric and make something exciting for yourself or for a friend. We don’t all play golf but we do all use bags!

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Everyone’s Going “Hibiscus Paisley Crazy”!

Perhaps the snow storms in Europe, covering everything in a thick white blanket, have made people think about the opposite; bright exotic flowers and swirling patterns from the Middle East and South Asia. Whatever it was, they have been attracted to my Hibiscus Paisley fabrics.
Firstly customers were buying the green, orange and lilac version:

green, orange and lilac version of the design “Hibiscus Paisley”

But now the pink, teal and brown version is in demand. A dressmaker in Glasgow, Scotland bought a yard of this version printed on satin to make a wedding dress.

pink, teal and blue version of the popular floral paisley design

There are several other versions in different colour combinations so that if someone has a room decorated in a particular colour, they can find a version of my design that will match the existing colours of their paintwork, wallpaper or home decor.

Here is a the royal blue and orange version:

royal blue and orange version of the hibiscus flower and ethnic paisley pattern

If pink is the colour that makes you happy, here is a lovely bright version just for you!

pink, yellow, peach and black version of Paisley Power design

If you love lemons, bananas, daisies and corn fields, then maybe this yellow and black version is best for you.

yellow, grey, black and white colour combination of the textile print design by Patrick Moriarty
blue floral paisley pattern with black and white details

I hope you find a colour version that suits your home or your wardrobe. If not, please contact me and I will be happy to make a version in the colours that appeal to you.
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New Customers in US Today

It was a great start to the weekend to have requests for cushions from abroad. The first inquiry was from Washington state, US. The new customer who lives there was very interested to know all the printing process involved in making my paisley cat fabric (see pic below).

screen-printed cat fabric by Paisley Power

The second customer was from Florida and ordered a black and white paisley rat cushion cover.

black and white paisley rat cushion cover

I enjoy drawing my designs by hand and the completing them in Photoshop. The physical process of screen-printing the fabric for the cat cushion was very enjoyable. I enjoy team work so it was great to work with a painter who helped me mix the pigment colours and also work with a very experienced retired printer. Here is Beatriz mixing the colours for me:

Beatriz Gonzalez mixing the colours for printing

It was great to have an expert like John Norman to help make all the technical adjustments to the print table to enable me to achieve screen registration.

Experienced printer John Norman positions the stops to ensure accurate positioning of the 2 screens.

The final prints on pure linen were perfect. It’s so satisfying to create your own fabric which customers all over the world can enjoy too.

screen-printed fabric in different colour combinations

Here is the finished cushion that the customer in Washington state ordered today.

paisley cat cushion hand-made in Southend-on-Sea, Essex

If you like my designs and products, feel free to take a look at my Etsy shop and my Spoonflower fabric store.
I hope you will enjoy Paisley Power.
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