Art Gallery Display

I’m sure you all enjoy setting up a display at a new location, especially when it’s the biggest art gallery in the county. If you are visiting Essex, flying to London Southend airport or you live locally in the South East Essex area, make sure you come and see my Paisley Power fabric products made with my own hand-drawn print designs.
Designer Patrick Moriarty’s Paisley Power collection at the Beecroft Art Gallery, Essex

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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

My friends and I always have a bit of a joke about the phrase “Teamwork makes the dream work”. I think it’s the rhyming words that make us laugh but also because the phrase is a bit corny! Nevertheless, it doesn’t stop us working together with colleagues and having successful business relationships.

Popular phrase and title of a book by John C Maxwell

In 2014 when I decided to launch my brand, Paisley Power, with my own unique fashion accessories and home decor items, I worked alone. I wanted to be in control of every aspect of the business. I soon realised that you have to collaborate with other creative people and business people to enable the business to grow. I attended sewing classes and product-making classes. It was very useful to find out how a product is constructed and the types of materials required.

Patrick Moriarty making a lampshade with his paisley rat print

Soon I realised that my making and sewing skills were not the best standard. I wanted my products to be top quality. I knew that in today’s customer-focused shopping experience, online reviews were extremely important and that bad reviews could sink a business whereas great reviews could give a business an excellent reputation.
I found a highly skilled sewing tutor in my town who I knew would be able to sew my cushions, bags, scarves and hats to a very high standard.

expertly sewn Paisley Power products

I have been working with the same sewing expert now for the last 2 years. She is very helpful when I want to introduce new products. A few months ago customers had been asking if I made scarves. I did not have scarves in my product range, so I consulted my sewing friend and she ordered a special roll-hem foot for her sewing machine so that she would be able to make the scarves.

Paisley Power scarf sewn by an expert sewing tutor

The scarves received excellent reviews from customers who bought them from my online shop. You can read these excellent reviews by looking at the reviews page of my Etsy shop.
Therefore it’s very important to receive good reviews because they give new viewers the peace of mind to order your products.
An online review on 04 November 2017 states:

“Gorgeous scarf, the print is beautiful. This is my new favourite scarf! Thank you!”
Another online review on 28 October  2017 states:
“Beautiful rat scarf – I absolutely adore it. Thank you so much!”
An online review on 20 October  2017 states:
Great service and communication. Really cool scarf, well made and dimensions just right.
All of these excellent reviews really make me feel confident to produce more hand-made products and develop new items for my online store collection.
If you are a self-employed designer/maker i hope you find some great people to collaborate with to ensure you create perfect products you ca be proud of and that customers will rave about.
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Teaching Textile Design

Passing on skills to others is an essential part of life. A graduate from Brighton university recently asked me if I could teach some basic Photoshop skills that would be beneficial to produce textile print designs for the fashion industry and for furnishing fabrics. I have spent many years training graduates on internships, so knowing the essential CAD techniques is basic knowledge to me, and easy to teach.

There always seem to be a lack of CAD tuition in most universities, so design studios and employers are usually the main place where graduates learn these skills.

The student arrived armed with questions for me to answer. I explained all the basic skills including making seamless repeats and keyboard shortcuts, which are useful to save valuable time.

Photoshop tuition guide by Patrick Moriarty for designers


In the pic I have shown how I create a repeat area. This is an essential task that all textile designers must learn.

If you keep following my notes and make new designs every day, you will soon become an effective fast designer. “Practice makes perfect” is a phrase that definitely applies in this case. After a few months you will be able to make perfect seamless repeat patterns. Seamless means that the design looks good in all directions and does not form lines within a large area that is filled with the design.

the completed cat design looks good from all angles

If you are interested in learning how to make designs, there are lots of courses available online but I recommend trying to find a course at your local college or contacting design studios in your area, to see if they offer student internships. That is how I learned to make designs, I studied at university, Central Saint Martins, which is part of the University of Arts London and I went on two different internships; one with the weaver and one with a printer.

You can read more about the services I provide, including tuition on the Services Page of my website

Good luck!

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On Show in Southend!

Finding the right audience for your designs is harder than it seems. If you place your hand-made products in a shop, will they be seen by people who like your style of work? If you sell online, will they lost in a sea of unappreciative web surfers?
To be given the opportunity to show designs in a large art gallery in your home town, is a wonderful opportunity for a textile design. The Beecroft Art Gallery in Southend, is the borough’s largest art gallery with many exhibitions being shown at once on the gallery’s many separate floor levels.
I was invited back there this year to display my textile designs and Paisley Power items.

Beecroft Art Gallery Southend, Essex displaying Paisley Power textile items

I hope people in Southend will be visiting the interesting exhibitions currently on show at the gallery. At the same time will see my work and can buy some of my carefully hand-made items for Christmas presents. My products are all made with my own unique fabrics. I draw my designs by hand and then complete the designs in Photoshop, so they can be printed as rolls of fabric to be used for fashion, fashion accessories and home decor.
I hope you enjoy the gallery exhibitions and also my textile designs, many of which have been hand-printed at The Old Waterworks in North Road, Southend-on-Sea.
You can also view all my products in my online shop via Etsy, it’s called Paisley Power Shop.

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My Textiles at Art Gallery

I am very pleased to have been invited back to the Beecroft Art Gallery by the Curator of Art, Kevin Marsh. The art gallery is part of the Southend Museums Service.

cushions and bags from the textile brand Paisley Power on display at the Beecroft Art Gallery, Southend Museums

Most of the items on display are made from my own screen-printed fabrics. The rest are my designs which have been digitally printed. The red and pink zip bags in the foreground were scree-printed as was the olive green butterfly cushion and the grey elephant cushion at the very back.

Kevin will also be providing a stand so that I can display my new range of chiffon scarves. Here is a pic of the black background version. I will also be displaying the red version and also a brand new white version.

chiffon scarf with popular black and white paisley rat print by Patrick Moriarty

I am pleased to be able to display and sell a wide range of all my products. My “Linear Organic” cushions have not been on sale before, so the people of southend and surrounding towns who visit the gallery will now have the chance to see my work. This cushion design, which is influenced by the style of William Morris is also available as a white background version. I drew the design by hand. On the left is my classic elephant doodle paisley design.

Paisley Power’s elephant cushion and Linear Organic cushion

If you are looking for Christmas gifts, now is the chance to visit the gallery and see all of my products on display. You will not only be contributing to my funds but also to the upkeep of the gallery who take a commission for selling my work. These are two good reasons to buy Paisley Power items.

If you do no live in Southend but you are still interested in my fashion accessories and home-ware products, you can view them all in the Paisley Power Shop at

Recently my online fabric store has been very busy with new customers ordering my designs on a selection of more than 20 different fabrics including faux suede and velvet.

thank you!

Patrick Moriarty

owner and designer of Paisley Power

Going Grey?

Today is the launch of 2 new versions of a classic textile design. Today is also the first day of snow in many parts of UK. Lots of flights have been cancelled. My friend from Bulgaria was meant to fly home for a few days to see his parents but the flight to Sofia was cancelled due to snow. The view from most people’s windows in UK is a mixture of shades of white and shades of grey.
To match this colour scheme, coincidentally, my new colours are grey and white. Here is a pic of the test swatches of cotton fabric that arrived by post from Spoonflower’s printing HQ in Berlin.

two fabric swatches of the new colours by Paisley Power

You can order these new versions from my online fabric store. There are lots of other colours to choose from and different sizes of the paisley rats.
You are probably wondering why there is a set of keys in the photos. They are there to give the viewer a sense of scale. While we are on the subject of keys, they can also symbolise a welcoming gesture or invitation. I hope you will welcome my rat fabrics into your home to match the festive snowy landscapes in UK today.

white rats on a silver grey background looks festive for Christmas and winter views.

Wishing you all a merry creative Christmas from Paisley Power.

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New customer in Slovenia

More and more countries are becoming aware of the Paisley Power range of fashion accessories, home-ware and fabrics. Customers in Italy and Qatar ordered bags and bandanas recently. Today I posted two of my popular rat cushions to a new customer in Slovenia. He ordered the classic combination of one black rat cushion and one white rat cushion.

Lots of people have commented on this combination as you can see from the pic below, which includes quotes from several people.

positive reviews for Paisley Power cushions from various people

The reviews include people in the fashion industry and music business. They all have very positive comments to make about the rat cushions.

Here is another pic of the cushions together:

black rats and white rats on 2 contrasting cushions from Paisley Power.

The customer from Slovenia was very enthusiastic about the cushions. It was a pleasure for me to develop a new customer-base in the country.

If you are interested to find out more about how I created my unique rat design, you should take a look at the dedicated “rat design” page on my website


the Rattus Norvegicus (common rat) design page of the Paisley Power official website. The pic shows lots of happy customers

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Scared of rats?

Everyone has an animal or insect that they have nightmares about. Personally, I hate mice. If we all had the option of an animal or insect printed on our clothes or household fabrics I’m sure a lot of people would not choose mosquitoes or spiders.

Many people have their fear of certain animals and insects cured by aversion therapy. Maybe I need to spend more time with mice.

Lots of people are not very keen on rats. My opinion of them totally changed when I visited Ghana, Africa and saw people selling huge wild rats on the side of the road. They held up the dead ones by their tails. In fact, my friend who was our host in Ghana, was a rat-catcher when he was a teenager. The rats are very healthy and only live in the forest so they are probably great to eat! I must admit I didn’t try one. I stuck to goats head soup, which is a Ghanaian favourite and the name of a Rolling Stones album.

When I launched my textile brand Paisley Power, I decided to create a paisley pattern that was very contemporary but still looked like a classic paisley. The result was “Rattus Norvegicus” (the common rat), which was the name of my first paisley design for my brand and also the first album title of my favourite 1970’s punk band, The Stranglers.

My rat design has been getting increased exposure since I designed it in 2013. This week a new customer in New York ordered a rat pattern apron, another new customer in Pennsylvania ordered a rat pattern pillowcase and tonight a new customer in Slovenia ordered a pair of contrasting rat pattern cushions. I will post the cushions in the morning. Here is a photo of them:

complimentary cushions with paisley rat pattern designed by Paisley Power

You can order them from the Paisley Power Shop at

Here is another pic of the black cushion:

and here is the white one:

close-up photo of the white background rat cushion by Paisley Power
black rat paisley pattern cushion designed by Patrick Moriarty for his brand Paisley Power

You can also order the fabric from Patrick’s online fabric store at

Enjoy the rats and let me know if you need a design of your favourite pet or scary animal or insect.

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Look great in the kitchen or art studio

Do you have a favourite apron you wear in the kitchen or possibly in an art class? It’s interesting when you visit a friend’s house and they have an apron hanging up in the kitchen. Hopefully it coordinates with the kitchen decor. If you know anyone who has a black and white kitchen, there is an apron that will look perfect being worn or hanging up.

Here it is!

black and white paisley apron designed by Patrick Moriarty

This is the paisley rat apron available from the Paisley Power Shop at

There are already happy customers wearing these aprons in San Francisco, Edinburgh and Copenhagen. One customer asked me to make a larger pocket because she is an art teacher and wanted a large pocket to hold all her large paintbrushes. I was very happy to customise her apron according to her requirements. Here is a photo of large pocket holding some of my paint brushes to give you an idea of how would look in an art class or painting studio.

large coordinated pocket holding a selection of paint brushes

Today I received an order from a new customer in New York. I am pleased that the aprons and all my other Paisley Power products are becoming known in many countries. In the last 2 weeks I have developed new markets in Italy, Qatar and Slovenia. It’s important to promote an independent brand as much as possible. It involves a lot of promotional advertising and networking on social media to raise awareness of paisley patterns. Everyone notices my unique rat silhouettes, which are carefully incorporated into a classic paisley design. I’m sure that if you walked into a New York kitchen and saw some paisley rats, you would be pleasantly surprised.

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