Prince-themed fashion accessories

Andrea is very happy with his Prince-themed snood. He wrote, “Absolutely love my new Snood!!! Courtesy of course of the wonderful @paisleypowerpat. For this time of year they’ll make great Christmas gifts 🎄❤️🎄“.

Andrea is wearing a Prince-themed snood

Andrea’s friend Peter also bought a Prince-themed snood. He bought it online on eBay and collected it in person from The Paisley Power design studio in Southend UK.

Prince-themed silk scarves are one of the best gifts you could give an admirer of Prince’s songs. Christine Westcott, the creative director of a successful wallcoverings company, with a passion for patterns, commented “love it – powerful purple”.

Paisley Prince Songbook silk scarf designed by Patrick Moriarty

A Paisley Prince Songbook mask was bought in January 2022 by Michelle in Lanarkshire, Scotland. Janis Moss bought one in 2021 and wrote, “Great mask! So comfortable to wear. Love the fantastic design print”.

Prince-themed mask

The Prince-themed mask has a popular printed design of crying doves, and purple rain. Here is a video of 10 happy customers who are wearing “Paisley Prince Songbook” masks, expertly handmade in Southend UK.

10 happy customers wearing “Paisley Prince Songbook” masks

All items featured in this article can be bought from the Paisley Power Shop and shipped worldwide. They were all designed by successful designer Patrick Moriarty in Southend UK.

Interview with designer Patrick Moriarty

Introduction:  As the paisley pattern becomes ever more popular on the fashion scene, we look at a designer who has made a great impact specializing in paisley repeat patterns. 

Interviewer: Sharon Reynolds, Marketing Manager, The Silk Bureau, Evesham, Worcestershire, UK

Designer Patrick Moriarty has studied and lectured in this ancient art form, so it’s no wonder that he has been selected to exhibit his contemporary paisley design paying tribute to the music artist Prince, in a major international exhibition to be held in Jerusalem this year. 

We talk to Patrick Moriarty about the benefits of digital fabric printing in a world of paisley repeat patterns and how it’s won him awards and international acclaim.

“Paisley Prince Songbook” silk scarf designed by Patrick Moriarty

Paisley Power Interview

Question: As an experienced designer and tutor in paisley patterns, what do you believe makes it such an enduring design?

Answer: It’s a very natural organic pattern. The paisley symbol was originally inspired by the sprouting seedling of a date palm tree. Just like a seedling, new paisley patterns can develop in all sorts of directions. Also, designers and shoppers are attracted to the pattern because it evokes a worldly feeling. This is due to the pattern’s historic development in different parts of the world mainly the Middle East, India, and then Scotland. It’s a wonderful mix of cultures.

“Paisley Prince Songbook” scarves are made of 100% silk

Question: From high street shops and magazines, we can see that the paisley pattern is surging in popularity once again. Why do you think this is?

Answer: The paisley pattern made a big resurgence in fashion in 2008 with designers such as Alexander McQueen and John Galliano (at Christian Dior) introducing paisley patterns into their new collections. Since then the paisley pattern hasn’t left the high street. Fashion houses and major fashion brands have kept paisley prints in their collections every season. Celebrities such as Kate Middleton have been wearing lots of paisley prints, which help to keep paisleys in the public eye.

silk scarf printed with the popular “Paisley Prince Songbook” design

Question: Has the paisley pattern always been prominent in your own artwork?

Answer: I was asked by my agent in Copenhagen in 2008 to start making paisley patterns due to demand for them by fashion buyers. I just happened to have a knack for making exciting unique paisleys that were popular with the buyers. I haven’t stopped since! I’ve definitely made more than 500 unique paisley patterns in the last 13 years, many of which have been bought by fashion brands all over the world.

Question: How do you think digital fabric printing has affected your work?

Answer: It’s wonderful to be able to have designs printed on a range of different fabrics such as the Silk Bureau’s exceptional silk printing. Digital fabric printing has given designers the chance to provide their customers and clients with a multitude of color versions of each design. We are now also able to offer designs in a variety of scales, from large-scale prints for bedding and curtains to very small-scale prints for fashion accessories, such as facemasks, headbands, and pocket squares. Another important benefit of digital printing is that fabric is not wasted; we only need to print what is required for each client. Customers can usually buy very small amounts of fabric for small sewing projects. Digital fabric printing really has been a game-changer for designers and makers, in a very positive way.

Digital fabric printing really has been a game-changer for designers and makers, in a very positive way.

“Paisley Prince Songbook” folded silk scarf designed by Patrick Moriarty

Question: Congratulations on being selected to exhibit at The Museum for Islamic Art in Jerusalem with your contemporary paisley pattern. How did they spot you?

Answer: The exhibition has 3 curators. The curator for contemporary paisleys was researching Prince’s use of paisleys in his song lyrics, stage clothes, and graphics. She accidentally saw my Prince-themed design online because my design is a visual tribute to Prince’s songs. She liked my design very much and invited me to be one of the contemporary designers featured in the 2022 paisley exhibition.

Question: The Paisley Prince Songbook design has been hugely popular, especially with Prince fans. What inspired you to create the design in the first instance? Did you ever get to meet him?

Answer: I played in bands for 22 years as a keyboard player, mainly in the 80s and 90s when Prince was in his prime. I was very inspired by his whole persona; his unique experimental music, amazing musicianship, cool fashions, and eye-catching record sleeves. His songs appeal to textile designers as he often mentions colors, patterns, and fabric, such as “Raspberry Beret”, “Purple Rain”, “Paisley Park” and “Joy in Repetition”. In 2018 I decided to create a unique paisley design that referenced a selection of his songs so I called it “Paisley Prince Songbook”. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance to see Prince in concert but I was at the front of a queue outside a club in New York in the 1980s and Prince stepped out of a car with his bodyguards and was rushed past me and my friends into the club!

“Paisley Prince Songbook” printed silk scarf

Question: As well as all your commissioned designs, what plans do you have for your own work in 2022?

Answer: This year I’m very much looking forward to running some design workshops for a large local charity for adults with learning difficulties, to help them create a t-shirt design to celebrate their 10th anniversary. I’ll also be recording some lessons on my designing techniques for YouTube and Skillshare. There’ll definitely be some lessons on how to create paisley patterns. I will continue to make lots of new designs for my agent. I also provide Photoshop services to artists and illustrators. I adapt their artwork into repeat patterns so that they can license their work for commercial projects eg to wallpaper companies and quilting companies. It’s going to be an exciting year!

There will be an exhibition about paisley patterns at The Museum for Islamic Art in Jerusalem in May 2022 for 12 months and they are featuring the “Paisley Prince Songbook” design as an example of a contemporary paisley pattern.

Visitors will also be able to purchase silk scarves made by The Silk Bureau depicting the Paisley Prince Songbook pattern, in the museum shop. Don’t worry if you can’t visit the exhibition, you can still purchase through the paisley power shop

Visit the Silk Bureau’s scarf page to find out more about their scarf hemming service and how they can help their clients achieve a professional product.

Find out more

Patrick Moriarty’s website:

Patrick Moriarty’s Linkedin Biography: Bio

All photographs in the article were by Patrick Moriarty

Silk Bureau Shop & Showroom: Shop

“Paisley Rats” Printed Textiles and Womenswear

The Paisley Rats fabric was bought recently by a customer on the Walmart shopping website. Walmart is the largest retailer in the world (by revenue). Another Walmart customer Lucille bought some in 2021 and wrote, “Absolutely love this fabric, great quality”.

Paisley Rats fabric (black and white version)

Here is a photo of 1 yard of the Paisley Rats fabric. The photograph was taken by designer Patrick Moriarty, who created the design in 2014.

1 yard of the Paisley Rats fabric

The “Paisley Rats” fabric (red version) was bought in January 2022 by Karla Sanchez. The design has black rat shapes and a black paisley pattern on a bright red background. The fabric is used to make facemasks, cushion covers, & alternative clothing.

Paisley Rats design (red version) by Patrick Moriarty

A boutique in Valencia Spain is selling Paisley Rats blouses. They look so cool! & the modeling photos are terrific. The model has a very powerful posture, with her hands resting firmly on the waist section of her black leather skirt.

The shop, called El Monstruo (The Monster!), bought the turquoise Paisley Rats fabric from PaisleyPower online fabric store at Spoonflower. They made superb blouses with the popular rat-patterned fabric.

women’s blouse made with the popular rat-patterned fabric

Click HERE is the link to buy a blouse from the Montruo Shop website.

women’s blouse with Paisley Rats fabric

Here is the link to buy the Paisley Rats fabric (turquoise version) to make your own clothing:

“Paisley Rats” fabric (turquoise version)

Also in January 2022, the “Paisley Rats” fabric was bought by another customer. They chose the large-scale black and white version printed on cotton. The fabric can be used for a wide variety of craft projects including making clothing.

“Paisley Rats” fabric (the large-scale black and white version)

Prince Theemed Cards

Looking for a card for someone who loves Prince’s music? Look no further! The Paisley Prince Songbook card has a unique purple paisley pattern that has lots of references to Prince’s songs including Kiss, When Doves Cry, Paisley Park, and Purple Rain.

Paisley Prince Songbook card

Here is a photograph showing lots of Prince-themed cards. The card at the front has been opened out to show the beautiful purple paisley pattern that is printed on the front and backside of the card. The inside of the cards is blank so that you can write a personal message to suit any occasion including anniversaries, birthdays, and Prince parties.

 Prince-themed cards
Prince-themed cards

2 “Paisley Prince Songbook” cards were bought in January 2022 by Gordon in Sheffield UK. He also bought 2 “Paisley Prince Songbook” cushions. The cards are suitable for birthdays, anniversaries, & Prince party invitations.

“Paisley Prince Songbook” cards

“Paisley Prince Songbook” cards have a unique design of doves, lips, guitars, paisley symbols, 3rd eye sunglasses, peace signs, and purple rain.

The cards have the name of the design “Paisley Prince Songbook”, the name of the designer (Patrick Moriarty), and his website ( printed on the backside.

Here is a video of one of the “Paisley Prince Songbook” cards.

“Paisley Prince Songbook” card

Paisley Power wallpaper and fabric

Paisley Power designs are available to order as rolls of wallpaper and yards of fabric. If you see a design that is suitable for your home, you can wallpaper the walls with it and make matching bedding and home decor items with the printed fabric. Here is a pic of the Paisley Positivity wallpaper (light blue and white version).

Here is a video of the matching fabric. It’s the Paisley Positivity design (light blue and white version) printed on cotton.

Paisley Positivity design (light blue and white version) printed on cotton

Today a customer bought a test sample of the black and white version of the “Paisley Lace Outline” design. The type of wallpaper they chose was Prepasted Removable Smooth. Here is a pic of the “Paisley Lace Outline” wallpaper.

“Paisley Lace Outline” design printed on a roll of wallpaper
“Paisley Lace Outline” wallpaper

The “Paisley Lace Outline” design (the white, blue-grey & mint version) is available as printed fabric and wallpaper. There are lots of different color versions. The symmetrical design was entered in the Ideal Home Exhibition wallpaper competition a few years ago. Here is a photo of the printed fabric.

“Paisley Lace Outline” design (white, blue-grey & mint version)

Sandy in Virginia US wants to make a dress with my Paisley Cats design (white and black version). She would like the design printed on a special type of fabric so I am currently checking several US printing companies. Here’s the link to the Paisley Cats collection at Spoonflower printers

Paisley Cats design by Patrick Moriarty

1 yard of the Paisley Positivity fabric was bought recently by a customer. They chose the black, red, & white version.

Paisley Positivity fabric (the black, red, & white version)

This version was used by a Californian swimwear company in 2021 to make a very stylish bikini. The bikinis had light blue straps that framed the paisley fabric beautifully (as you can see in the photo below).

paisley pattern bikini

Many other color versions of all the designs are available. All Paisley Power designs were created by Patrick Moriarty in Southend-on-Sea UK.

Prince-Inspired Fabrics

1 yard of “Paisley Prince Songbook” printed fabric has been bought by Jennifer in Colorado state US. She chose the very small-scale version of the Prince-themed design, printed on cotton. The popular design has lots of graphic illustrations of objects that represent songs by Prince. The crying doves represent the song “When Doves Cry“, the lips represent the song “Kiss“, and the purple raindrops represent the song “Purple Rain“.

“Paisley Prince Songbook” purple printed fabric

In this photo of the Prince fabric, you can appreciate the scale because the designer’s hand is in the photo too.

Prince fabric

The “Cherry Moon” fabric is available by the yard from the Paisley Power Shop. The design was inspired by the title of Prince’s movie “Under The Cherry Moon”. The design has lots of cherries, moons, stars, and polka dots. Prince often wore clothes made of polka dot fabrics.

“Cherry Moon” fabric (the purple version)

Here is another photo of the “Cherry Moon” fabric (the purple version) designed by Patrick Moriarty.

“Cherry Moon” fabric (the small-scale purple version)

A customer, Karla Pearson, messaged me recently inquiring about ordering the tiny version of the “Paisley Prince Songbook” fabric. I was happy to provide the link to my online shop so she can order the fabric by the yard. If you would like to order Prince-themed fabrics from my shop, please click HERE.

“Paisley Prince Songbook” printed satin fabric

Karen in Milton Keynes UK is interested in ordering some “Paisley Prince Songbook” fabric so I’m sending her a couple of samples so she can decide which scale (print size) and which fabric to choose.

Prince fabric, printed with the bestselling “Paisley Prince Songbook” design.

Designer Patrick Moriarty created his Prince designs in his design studio in Southend-on-Sea, UK. There are two Prince designs, namely, “Paisley Prince Songbook” and “Cherry Moon”.

Prince Themed Gifts

A Prince snood mask was bought recently by Angela in Pennsylvania US. Snoods are very popular in the winter but can be worn as a face covering throughout the year. The Prince snoods have a unique design of crying doves, paisley symbols, lips, guitars, and purple rain.

Prince snood mask designed by Patrick Moriarty

Here’s a photo of Andrea Marchetti in Southend UK wearing one of the snood masks. He wrote online, “Absolutely love my new Snood!!!”.

Prince snood mask with a unique purple paisley design

2 “Paisley Prince Songbook” cushions (throw pillows) were bought today by Gordon in Sheffield UK. The Prince-inspired design has lots of unique illustrations that represent Prince songs. The cushions are 100% cotton with purple zips and a purple backside.

“Paisley Prince Songbook” throw pillow

The “Paisley Prince Songbook” cushion (throw pillow) has a unique design representing songs by Prince. Here is a video of one of the purple paisley cushions. The design has a similar style to a psychedelic paisley poster from the 1960s.

“Paisley Prince Songbook” cushion (throw pillow)

Prince-themed handmade products were sent in January 2022 to customers in Yorkshire UK and Pennsylvania US. The customers bought 2 cushions, 2 cards, and a snood mask. All items have the popular “Paisley Prince Songbook” design.

Prince-themed handmade products with a unique purple paisley design.

Prince-themed handmade products are available from the Paisley Power Shop. The shop is one of the best places online to look for gifts for Prince fans.

Happy customers enjoy “Neon Rings” fabric

Akosua, a dance teacher in London, was very happy with the 12 metres of Neon Rings fabric she bought. She wrote, “Package has arrived. Very happy with this purchase. Thank you! Now to find a tailor who can do this gorgeous fabric justice”.

Neon Rings fabric designed by Patrick Moriarty

Eric Greene in Los Angeles bought 7 yards of the “Neon Rings” fabric. He chose to have the design printed on organic cotton sateen so that he can make a Prince-themed evening suit. He commented on the design “It really is beautiful work”. Eric will wear the suit at Prince events including Prince parties, Prince tribute band concerts, and possibly visits to Paisley Park in Minneapolis.

“Neon Rings” fabric

The geometric design has colorful circles, ovals, and elipses is available to order as printed fabric and as wallpaper. In the video below you can see the 3 different scales/sizes that are available to purchase. There is a large-scale, medium-scale, and small-scale version of the design in the video.

“Neon Rings” fabric

Prince wore a stage outfit made of fabric printed with a similar design on stage during his Sign O’ The Times tour in 1987.

“Valentines Love Hearts” fabric

Valentine’s Day is coming soon, so order some “Valentines Love Hearts” fabric now to make lovely Valentine’s gifts. Smaller versions of the design and also red-pink versions are also available. Visit the whole collection of “Valentines Love Hearts” designs at Spoonflower. They were designed by Patrick Moriarty in January 2017 in Southend-on-Sea, UK.

“Valentines Love Hearts” fabric samples

On January 7th, 2021 a customer bought a yard of the large-scale navy blue version of “Valentines Love Hearts” fabric. Here is a photo of the fabric taken by the designer in his design studio in Southend UK. The white hearts have light blue edges and look very dynamic on a navy blue background.

“Valentines Love Hearts” fabric (the large-scale navy blue version)

Here is a photo of the “Valentines Love Hearts” fabric (the large-scale red-pink version). The white hearts are different sizes. They have pink edges and are on a vivid red background. The design was printed on cotton twill.

Love is in the air…. and also printed on fabric! On January 11th, 2022, 2 yards of the “Valentine Love Hearts” design (navy blue version) were bought by a customer on the Amazon shopping website. They chose to have the design printed on fleece. Little fluffy hearts! 💙 There are also red-pink versions of the design available. Designed by Patrick Moriarty.

Prince scarves

Jeannie Gilding in Cheshire UK was very pleased with the Prince-themed silk scarf that recently arrived at her home from Paisley Power in Southend UK. She posted a video of the scarf online and wrote, “purple silk perfection”. Thank you Jeannie!

18 Prince-themed silk scarves were delivered to me recently by the Silk Bureau in Worcestershire UK. The company finished printing them and finished sewing them well ahead of schedule. Congratulations to them for a terrific service. The purple paisley silk scarves can be ordered online from the Paisley Power Shop.

Paisley Prince Songbook silk scarves designed by Patrick Moriarty

The Prince silk scarves are just as perfectly made as the first batch that sold out. The scarves cost £50 ($63 USD) with free postage worldwide. Some of the scarves will be sent to the Museum for Islamic Art in Israel for the forthcoming “Paisley” exhibition. The unique scarves were designed by Patrick Moriarty in his design studio in Southend UK.

Designer Patrick Moriarty holding 18 silk scarves printed with the “Paisley Prince Songbook” design.

Here is a video showing one of the Prince-inspired silk scarves. The silk has been printed perfectly and the sewing accuracy is excellent.

Prince-inspired silk scarf
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