Design it yourself!

Would you like to design your own fabric? Do you have an idea for a new printed textile? Is there nowhere in your town to buy interesting attractive fabrics?
Today’s computer technology enables everyone to be able to design printed fabric and order lengths of it at low cost. 20 years ago you would not have been able to do this. Now you can upload images to POD (print on demand) websites and fabric and products can be sent you without having to worry about minimum orders. Individual fabric samples, only 8″ square can be ordered for a few pounds or dollars. It really is a fabric revolution!
The new developments are also good for the environment. You only order as much fabric as you need for your project, whether it’s making a piece of clothing or making a cushion for your lounge.

textile fabric design samples that have been digitally printed

I have recently started teaching classes called “Designing Printed Textiles“. My students are able to design their own textiles and then order a large free sample of it printed on a range of fabrics including cottons, lycra, denim, faux suede and velvet. I use the printing company Spoonflower for all my digital fabric printing requirements. Here is a photo of my first group of enthusiastic students who I was teaching Photoshop CAD techniques in the IT suite at METAL Art School, Southend-on-Sea, Essex, UK

Enthusiastic students learning Photoshop techniques at METAL Art School, Southend, Essex, UK

Here is an example of a design which I uploaded to Spoonflower. It’s my symmetrical “Linear Organic” design in black and white. The photo below it is yard of printed cotton, which has been printed by Spoonflower with the Mosaic Bandana design by Patrick Moriarty; the orange and white version. There are lots of versions of this design. You can see them all in the special design collection at Spoonflower.


Symmetrical linear design and printed mosaic bandana design printed on cotton. Both designed by Patrick Moriarty

The designs you create can also be used for wallpaper and gift wrap paper. The choice is yours!

Hibiscus Paisley wallpaper, designed by Patrick Moriarty and printed by Spoonflower

If you want to enrol in my design classes, please email me at the following email address ( or leave a message on the contact page of my Paisley Power website.
You can see more info about the courses on the Tuition and Services page of my website.
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New classes are a success!

Yesterday was the second of my new series of design classes in Southend-on-Sea, Essex. I am teaching textile design to groups of students. I studied for 3 years at Central Saint Martins School of Fashion and Textiles, which is now part of the University of the Arts London. I have nearly 20 years experience as a professional designer. I mainly create textile designs for the fashion industry but my designs are often bought by home decor retailers too. Sometimes my designs are bought by stationery companies like Paperchase and also wallpaper manufacturers and fashion accessory brands.

Artwork and fabrics by Textile designer Patrick Moriarty

Here is the official flyer with information about my new classes at METAL Art School, Chalkwell Park, Southend, Essex, UK. It includes a map so that everyone can find the art school easily.

Designing Printed Textiles classes by Patrick Moriarty at METAL Art School

Students of all levels of experience are welcome. At the first class on 12th September, there was an experienced graphic designer but also people with no experience. I was able to teach them as a group and they were all very pleased with their new designs at the end of the class. They wrote excellent reviews on different social media platforms. One of the students, Lorna Withers of Leigh-on-Sea, Essex wrote on Instagram: “thoroughly enjoyed this class and can’t wait to go back”. They all want to book more lessons in my series of classes. At yesterday’s class all the students enjoyed their lesson and all want to book more classes.

I will be teaching lots of different design techniques to ensure that the students can develop their own fabulous printed fabric collections. All students will learn lots of Photoshop skills. Here is an example of a printed fabric that was designed in preparation for the launch of the classes.

unique printed fabric by Janet Moriarty

In my classes I like the students to use painted artwork in their designs:

painting by student Trish McMeekin, which she created in my class at Metal Art School

My classes are currently fully booked but there will be dates available in the future so that I can teach more keen students.

A hard-working student at the Designing Printed Textiles classes in Southend, Essex

You can contact METAL Culture or contact me via email to add your name to the waiting list. I am sure you will be contacted with available dates for lessons in the next few months.

For more information about the classes you can visit the Tuition and Services page of my Paisley Power website. You can also find info on the METAL Culture website.

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Mosaic Bandana Textile Design

Have you thought about designing your own fabrics? With today’s technology you can create your  own unique textiles and make them available to buyers worldwide. Today a person saw my hand-made cushions online and asked if they could buy two. I replied and confirmed that they could buy two cushions made from a choice of more than 20 different fabrics including cotton, satin, faux suede, lycra, velvet and eco-canvas.
Here is the cushion that the woman was inquiring about:

Mosaic Bandana cushion, made with unique fabric designed by Patrick Moriarty

I drew the design by hand on paper. Here is my early drawing.

original artwork for Mosaic Bandana design by Patrick Moriarty

i have also made bags with this design printed on satin. The hand-made zip bags are made by my sewing expert Zoe Marshall-Smith. They are on sale at the Beecroft Art Gallery, Southend-on-Sea. It’s the largest art gallery in Essex.

Paisley Power luxury bags made with the Mosaic Bandana fabric designed by Patrick Moriarty

the fabric is available from Paisley Power at Spoonflower and the products are available from the PaisleyPowerShop at

My favorite pattern is the paisley pattern. You can see some paisley symbols in my Mosaic Bandana design.

If you are interested in learning how to design printed textiles, you should book a place on one of my evening classes. I have 20 years experience as a professional designer and I am sharing my knowledge with small groups of people who want to design their own fabrics. The classes are held at METAL Art School, Southend, Essex. Contact me by email to reserve a place:

More info here:



the Paisley Rats have been busy!

It’s been a good night for the “Paisley Rats”. 4 different colour versions have been ordered by customers online. One customer ordered 3 yards of printed fleece fabric with red/grey/pink backgrounds and another customer ordered a fat quarter of black background rats on basic cotton. There are more than 20 versions available on more than 20 different fabrics. Join the rat pack! Visit the Paisley Rat collection

white rat on black background with paisley symbol, designed by Patrick Moriarty

This red version looks great printed on chiffon. Luxurious scarves are available.

black rats on a red background. Printed fabric sample.

I was pleased that one of the customers chose the grey and white version of the design, which is a relatively new version. Sometimes new versions take a few weeks to get noticed online. The grey versions of the design suit lots of different functions, especially home decor.

Paisley Rats textile design in grey and white. 2 versions available, which give a nice contrast.

A small pink version of the design was also ordered. This version looks very sweet, especially when printed on a yard of fleece fabric.

small pink and white printed cotton with a Paisley Rat design

The rat fabric appeals to lots of different types of people all over the world. New customers order yards of the fabric every week. People also order products made with the fabric, including bags, cushions, scarves, notelets, hats and wall art. All of the products are available from the Paisley Power Shop at
If you would like to see a large gallery of photographs of people wearing the design, visit the Paisley Rats design page at the Paisley Power website.
Paisley patterns are very popular in 2018 in the fashion, textiles and home decor industries. They are also predicted to be popular in 2019. If you want to follow the latest trends and order fabrics which will be trending in 2019, make sure you order some of Patrick Moriarty’s fabrics today. Apart from Patrick’s fabrics, which he prints by hand using traditional artisan methods, all his fabrics are printed by Spoonflower.

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Design For Life

Last night was the first night of my new evening classes in Southend Essex. You can reserve a place on the course by reading the info at the special METAL website page for Patrick’s classes. There are lots of people who want to design their own fabrics. I have 20 years of experience and I want to teach people how to design their own textiles. The process for designing textiles is complicated and takes years of experience. I have created an easy-to-learn process so that people with no experience can create their own textile designs. Last night at the first class in my new series of designs I taught three students how to make their own unique repeat patterns. They began by creating a mosaic collage by cutting paper into small shapes. Here is an example of one of their mosaics.

mosaic collage created at the new evening class that is taught by tutor Patrick Moriarty

When the students had finished making their mosaic pattern, they cut the collage into four pieces and rearranged the order of the quarters to make a new layout. This is how the new layer looked.

quarterised mosaic pattern for the new evening classes by Patrick Moriarty

These mosaic patterns are the basis for creating your textile designs. The next stage was to create a painted background which will be used in the final design. Here is an example of a painted background.

painted background in yellow and pink for the Designing Printed Textile evening classes in Southend

Here is the final design. I was very impressed with it. I have taught textiles for 10 years and this design is very unique and eye-catching.

finished design by Mia Lee of Southend Essex for the Designing Printed textiles evening class in Southend.
a student’s unique design from the new evening classes at METAL Art School, taught by paisley expert Patrick Moriarty

If you would like to design your own fabrics, contact Patrick by leaving a message. thank you!

Learn to Design

Textile design classes are now available in Southend, Essex. If you want to learn how to design your own printed fabrics, now you have the chance!


The classes are led by Patrick Moriarty who owns the Paisley Power brand. He has been creating unique designs for 20 years and has years of experience teaching graduates and beginners. The classes are a combination of hand-made artwork and Adobe Photoshop. Your designs will be state-of-the-art digital files but created with hand-made artwork to ensure the finished fabrics have the human touch. Each student is entitled to a large free sample fabric sample of their design. The samples are being provided free by Spoonflower digital printers. They are a US company with printing headquarters in North Carolina, US and in Berlin, Germany. They use eco-friendly inks and have more than 3 million customers and designers. I am very grateful that they have agreed to give my students free samples and free postage. I am enthusiastic about recommending Spoonflower because I have been using them as my only print company for the last 4 years and I have been very satisfied with their print quality, prices, promotion and customer care.

Here are some of designs created by his friends and family in preparation for his classes. They have been very artistic and produced top-class designs. These designs could definitely be bought by fashion and home decor clients today! The techniques for creating the designs are quite simple but the results are amazing. The possibilities are endless; you can make designs that are bold and simple or ones that are very complex and elaborate. The choice is yours!

textile print design by Pippa Lee. Taught by Patrick Moriarty at METAL Art School, Southend, Essex

Here is a design by my goddaughter Mia Lee who cut out these excellent mosaic shapes which resemble stars and snakes. It’s a great design. The colours have a Brazilian or Mexican feeling.

Design by Mia Lee. Taught at Designing-Printed-Textiles evening classes in Southend-Essex.

If you are interested in booking one of my classes at METAL Art School, you can request more info by leaving a message on the Contact Page of my website or leaving a comment on his page. Thank you!

METAL is located in Chalkwell Park, Southend-on-Sea, Essex, UK

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Paisley Wallpaper

If you decide you need some colourful fancy wallpaper for your home, you should consider the Hibiscus Paisley design printed by Spoonflower. A new customer today has ordered 3 test swatches of the wallpaper to see if it is suitable for their home decor project.

Hibiscus Paisley design by Patrick Moriarty and printed by Spoonflower

Southend-on-Sea designer Patrick Moriarty created the design. It includes his own photographs of Hibiscus plants from his mother’s house.
Here is a pic of a room which gives an impression of how the wallpaper will look when it is hung.


here is a close-up version of the design.

detailed version of the design.

There are lots of versions of this design. You can see them all in the Paisley collection at Spoonflower. You should be able to find a suitable colour combination to make your home look wonderful.
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Happy Couples

Sometimes 2 is better than 1, especially when it’s a pair of contrasting hand-made cushions from Paisley Power. These Paisley Rats cushions are popular with customers as a pair. Today a new customer in Frome, Somerset, UK has bought a pair. One cushion has white rats and paisley on a black background and the other has black rats and paisley on a white background.

Pair of contrasting Paisley Rats cushions designed by Patrick Moriarty

They are hand-made in Southend-on-Sea, Essex and designed by Patrick Moriarty, who specializes in paisley patterns. His website has a comprehensive history of the paisley symbol and paisley pattern. If you want to learn more about this history, then visit his website.

Having images of rodents incorporated in paisley patterns is a popular trend at the moment. This week Vera Bradley, a US company who make bags, launched a new collection of bags, made with a new fabric. The fabric is a paisley pattern with mice, but the mice aren’t ordinary mice, they are cartoon images of Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, who are 90 years old this year. That’s a long relationship; congratulations to them both!

Vera Bradley paisley pattern with Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse motifs

Another popular design which uses a rodent is artist Banksy’s rat, which he spray-painted on a wall in Fitzrovia London.


If you look on the internet you will find hundreds of printed textiles, graphic designs and artworks which use rodents as the main subject.

If you would like to see more examples of Patrick Moriarty’s Paisley Rats fabric products, take a look at the special design page on his website, which should give you plenty of inspiration.

Paisley Rats fabric products, some being worn by happy customers

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Mickey Mouse Paisley by Vera Bradley

Paisley patterns with animal motifs are becoming very trendy. I launched my Paisley Rats design in 2014. My design has rat silhouettes incorporated into a paisley pattern. I drew the design by hand and it has been used for aprons in San Francisco, cushions in Australia, hats in Canada, bags in Denmark and multiple products in UK.

unique Paisley Rats design by Patrick Moriarty, launched in 2014

Here is the new paisley Mickey Mouse design by Vera Bradley. It is to celebrate Mickey Mouse’s 90th birthday as the world famous Walt Disney character. Here is a picture of the excellent new paisley design with the mouse motifs incorporated in the design.

Mickey Mouse paisley pattern by Vera Bradley and Disney

Here is a photo of the Vera Bradley bags with the wonderful Mickey Mouse printed fabric.


It’s exciting that different designers and manufacturers are realizing that their customers love paisley patterns, especially if animal motifs are included in the designs. If you search online you will find wonderful paisley designs not only of cheeky cartoon mice and stylish rats, but also decorative cats, doodle elephants and ornamental butterflies. Whichever animal or character is embedded in your favorite paisley pattern, you know you are definitely the height of fashion!
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