New Fabric Order

It’s the perfect time of year for tropical fabrics. I designed by Palm Leaves fabric range so that people would be able to make fashion garments, accessories and home decor items with an eye-catching dynamic feeling. Today a customer has ordered 3 yards of the pink and green version of my fabric. They chose a basic cotton as the base fabric to have the design printed on. Here is my own test sample of the design printed on basic cotton.


pink and green version of the Palm Leaves design by Patrick Moriarty printed on basic cotton

You can order this pink green fabric from Spoonflower. You can also order the design in many other colour combinations. Here is a link to the Tropical Beach Swim Collection of designs from my Paisley Power Spoonflower shop. There are other tropical designs you can choose including the fabric I used to make this cool summer hat.

Summer hat made with ‘Tropical Flowers and Palm Leaves’ patterned cotton

Here is a cushion made with a lime green version of the Palm Leaves fabric.

Lime green and white Palm Leaves cushion

The cushion is available from the Paisley Power Shop at The cushion has been carefully hand-made in Southend-on-Sea, Essex, UK. One of these cushions made from the identical fabric was bought recently at the Beecroft Art Gallery in Southend.


Unique Paisley Scarves

Paisley is a big fashion trend for 2018 and 2019. When I visited my town centre yesterday (Southend-on-Sea), I noticed lots of women wearing paisley prints. My agent has also been selling lots of the paisley prints that I design for fashion retailers. You can see some of the paisleys that I have designed on the Fashion page of my website.

I currently have a selection of my Paisley Power fabric products in the town’s local art gallery. It’s called the Beecroft Art Gallery and is the largest art gallery in the county of Essex. Recently a visitor bought one of my “Paisley Rats” chiffon scarves. I wonder if they bought it because of the fashion trend for paisleys? Here is a photo of my friend Niki wearing the black and white scarf:

Niki Cornish wearing “Paisley Rats” chiffon scarf

A new customer in West London also bought one recently. Another customer from Yorkshire bought one from my Ebay shop. Here is another photo of the scarf so that you can see the lovely translucent quality of the printed chiffon.

Paisley Power scarf made with lovely translucent chiffon

Here is a photo to show you the rolled hems and official logo on the woven hem tag so you know it’s a genuine item that I have designed and made.

each scarf has rolled hems and the official woven hem-tag

Here are the rolled hems for you to see, they are carefully sewn.

carefully sewn rolled hems on the scarf

Finally i must thank my friend Niki Cornish for modelling the scarf and also taking the photos! she is very talented.

photographer Niki Cornish wearing a Paisley Power scarf

Niki is currently working as the official photographer for the Southend Film Festival, so she has been very busy photographing actors, directors writers and production crews.

If you would like to order a scarf, click on the following link Paisley Rat Scarf (black), there is also a white scarf and a red scarf.

Wear your Paisley Rat Scarf with pride!

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Paisley Power joins Amazon Handmade

It’s important as a designer/maker to broaden your audience so new people can see your products. I’ve been using Etsy and the Paisley Power Facebook shop to sell my items. I also use Spoonflower to sell my unique fabrics.

Take a look at my new Amazon Handmade shop. I have several of my hand-made cushions in the shop, which I added yesterday and today. It’s a new venture and I am hopeful it will be a success.

Here is my Hibiscus Paisley cushion (= pillow in US).

Hibiscus Paisley cushion in the Amazon Handmade store

I design my fabrics by hand and sometimes add photographed elements eg the hibiscus flowers in the cushion pictured above.

I like to incorporate animals in my fabric designs. Here is my “Elephant Stone” cushion. This fabric was printed by hand at my local arts workshop using traditional screen-printing methods.

Paisley Power elephant cushion on sale in the Amazon Handmade store

I will be adding lots more products including my claps bags, zip bags and tote bags. Here is one of my zip bags which is ideal as a cosmetic bag too. I drew the “Mosaic Bandana” design on paper before I had the satin fabric printed.

unique fabric zip bag – ideal for cosmetics

I hope you enjoy browsing my new Paisley Power shop at Amazon Handmade.

Paisley Fashion News

I’m a big fan of paisley patterns and I’m sure many of you are too. Today in The Telegraph, one UK’s main newspapers you can read more about the latest paisley fashion prints.

On 23rd May 2018 Charlie Gowans-Eglinton, Senior fashion editor of The Telegraph, UK Newspaper, has published an article titled “Fed up with florals? This season’s paisleys pack a print punch“. It confirms the importance of paisley prints in fashion in 2018. Included in the article is a concise history of the paisley pattern emphasizing it’s cool cultural connections through the centuries.

article about paisley prints in fashion by Charlie Gowans-Eglington

If you like the fashion prints in the article, take a look at the fashion page on my website Paisley where you will find lots of paisley prints that I designed for major fashion retailers in the last few years.

The fashion page of Paisley Power website with prints by Patrick Moriarty

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Your Art as Fabric?

Have you ever thought about launching your own collection of printed textiles for fashion or home decor? Printing is very affordable now so it’s the perfect time to turn your creativity into a collection of unique fabrics that can be used for a variety of hand-made projects.
I am a textile designer who specializes in printed textiles. I trained and practiced for many years to be able to create seamless repeats. They are designs which can be printed on yards of fabric without anyone easily noticing where the pattern ends and then starts again.
I like to work with artists and adapt their art into seamless repeats so that they can print their art on yards of fabric. Paintings, photos, collages and drawings can be manipulated to created a printable design. I often use artists’ photos to create the digital files.
Here is one of my own designs, which I originally drew on paper and then adapted using Photoshop to create the repeat area. I painted the flowers by hand on paper. The design in the photo has been printed on cotton canvas.

Tropical floral design by Patrick Moriarty printed on cotton canvas

If you have some artwork that you would like adapted so you can use it to print your own fabric, please get in touch. My hourly rates are very reasonable.
There is more information about the services I provide on the “Services” page of my website
thank you.

Purple Paisley for Prince

Are you a Prince fan? If so, you are in for a treat! 4 new life-size figures of the music legend have been created using wax. Tony Webb is a skilled sculptor who models the wax into realistic models of celebrities and fictional characters for films, theatre and TV productions. His figures are also commissioned for exhibitions and museums.
Here is a photo of his amazing wax figure of the singer Prince.

wax figures of pop music legend Prince created by Tony Webb

Tony Webb Creative Services commissioned Patrick Moriarty of Paisley Power to supply a suitable fabric for the lining of the jackets to be worn by the Prince figures.
Patrick made a purple version of his “Linear Organic” textile design. Purple is the colour Prince was most associated with, for example he wrote the song “Purple Rain”. He often wore purple clothes and sometimes wore purple paisley suits.
Here is a photo of one of the jackets that will be worn by the Prince figures. You can clearly see the paisley patterned lining fabric.

purple paisley fabric designed by Patrick Moriarty for Prince figures

The wax figures will be shipped from UK to US where they will be displayed at an exhibiton in Los Angeles.
The purple paisley fabric is available to order from the Paisley Power online fabric store.
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Turquoise Paisley Rat Fabric

Today a new customer called Susan has ordered 3 yards of turquoise “Paisley Rats” printed on Kona® Cotton Ultra fabric. She’s also ordered a roll of matching gift wrap. The paisley rat design is my most popular textile design. It is also available with black, white and red background colours. I originally drew the design by hand on paper.

turquoise version of the popular Paisley Rats printed fabric

It’s always great to receive good reviews. Today I saw a review of the turquoise rat fabric from a previous customer, who wrote: “Excellent. Beautiful design on top quality fabric When I finish my current projects I will order more from this seller.” She had ordered the design to be printed on fleece fabric. Here is a pic of the fleece:
Fleece printed with Paisley Rat design as part of the Paisley Power fabric collection

If you would like to order the design, you can choose for it to be printed on more than 20 different fabrics including satin, cottons, suede, lycra, canvas and many more. The prices are very reasonable and the postage is cheap too. The printing company, Spoonflower print and send fabrics worldwide. Here is a link to the turquoise rat design:

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Butterflies Flying to Australia

Today I sent a Paisley Power cushion to a new customer in Australia. She lives near the capital city Canberra. The cushion is called “Butterfly Collector” and I drew the design by hand on paper originally.

Butterfly Collector cushion by Paisley Power

I enjoyed printing the fabric by hand. The printing equipment is very old so only small pieces of fabric can be printed. Luckily they are big enough for an 18″ (45cm) cushion, like the one pictured above. I printed blue/grey ink on pure linen.

Here is a photo from when I was printing the fabric:

Printing the Paisley power butterfly fabric with a silk-screen

Here are some photos of the print room and a piece of the finished fabric:

the print room showing prints and screens with the paisley butterfly design

If you would like to buy a cushion, please order one from my online shop. It’s called the Paisley Power Shop at

Thank you!

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Turn your art into design!

Art and design are often interchangeable. In January I began providing technical design services to the talented artistEste MacLeod. She is a prolific fine art painter and wanted to launch a printed fabric collection of her paintings. In the last 2 months I have digitized more than 30 of her beautiful paintings and used my textile design CAD knowledge to adapt the paintings into half-drop seamless repeats. She will be launching the collection at Blueprint, the surface design and print fair. It’s held in New York on 20-22 May. See Este at Stand 52. She will have new designs available for licensing and collaborative projects. They are suitable for textiles, wallpapers, stationery, illustration, etc.

BBC DJ and presenter Lauren Laverne mentioned our collaboration on her BBC6 radio show recently, when her show’s theme was ‘patterns’.

Other Blueprint exhibitors also use my design services. Feel free to contact me if you are an artist who would like your artworks expertly adapted and digitized for print production. Turn your art into design!

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paintings by artist Este MacLeod, digitized for print production by Patrick Moriarty
Beautiful painting by Este MacLeod of her cats in the garden, digitized by Patrick Moriarty